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Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing

At the next Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing in Marrakech from October 11th to 12th 2018 around 175 exhibitors from the Mediterranean will exhibit.


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Suppliers, full-package and CMT manufacturers as well as innovative suppliers of yarns, fabrics, accessories, technologies and services from the Mediterranean will showcase on the site of the Moulay Hassan racing track. The focus of the fair is on fashion, fast fashion and sustainable eco-systems.

 Morocco creates prospects, accelerates the expansion of the clothing industry, becomes greener

 Morocco, the economic leader in the Euromed region, ranking 8th among textile exporting countries in exporting clothing to Europe (+5% yoy), offers due to its political and social stability, favorable geostrategic position, modern infrastructure and free access to European markets extremely favorable production conditions. The government is investing heavily in the country's development into the most important hub of North Africa.

 The textile and clothing industry is the largest employer in the country and creates prospects for the population:

 - Morocco has more than 1,600 manufacturers with a production capacity of more than 1 billion parts per year.

 - More than 180,000 people work in this sector, with another 100,000 to be added by 2020.

 - A quarter of Moroccan exports (€ 3 billion in 2016) are attributable to the apparel industry.

 - 15% of Morocco's gross national product is generated in the clothing sector.

 - Investments in the training of employees, special training programs and training courses are carried out on a large scale.

 A central role is played by the promotion of so-called eco-systems, clusters that promote modern production, design and compliance with international standards. With the help of particularly successful companies, the so-called "locomotives", the entire clothing industry is efficiently structured and managed.

 An important cluster in this context is the denim cluster, which will also be presented at the fair. Sustainable denim production is one of the strengths of Moroccan suppliers and is strongly supported in the context of industrial promotion. One example is the "Koala" label of the New Wash Group, which is produced sustainably throughout the entire production chain. Morocco has ambitious goals: By 2030, as the first African country 52% of the nation's energy needs will come from renewable energy sources such as solar, hydro and wind power, becoming the first African country.

 Production in Morocco offers many advantages

 - Fast fashion

 - Fast delivery with short-term delivery dates

 - Very good price / performance ratio

 - Duty-free by EU agreement In the field of fast fashion Morocco is already a champion among the worldwide production sites.

 Proximity to Europe allows for fast delivery by land and the highly professional garment industry is quickly turning to new topics with short delivery deadlines. In addition, Morocco scores with an excellent price / performance ratio, through EU agreements production in Morocco is duty free.

175 exhibitors mainly from Morocco give an overview of the performance and collections of the exhibitors. About 1,500 visitors from Africa, Europe and America expected.

Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing is organized by Amith, the Moroccan Textile Association in cooperation with the Moroccan Foreign Trade Ministry and AMDIE.

 Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing

 Marrakech, October 11-12, 2018