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Masterclass 2018 – sports design goes digital

The sports fashion designers Nora Kühner and Rolf Günther present their Masterclass 2018 through the ISPO Academy.


The Masterclass is additionally supported by partners from both the sports and textiles industries © Carolin Friese


Kühner and Günther have invited nine international schools to participate in the Masterclass 2018 © Carolin Friese

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The international workshop for design students is to be held at the exhibition centre in Munich, from January 25th to the 29th 2018. 28 students from nine world-renowned schools out of three continents, are to develop innovative sports apparel concepts in this interdisciplinary workshop.

 The ISPO Academy Masterclass seeks collaboration between the sports industry and design

The goal being to spot design talent in the exciting and challenging work environment of the sports industry. “At the same time, we see ourselves as an international platform, bringing together the abilities and thinking processes from culturally very different design schools“, says Kühner. It was she that developed the concept of the Masterclass for ISPO. The Masterclass is additionally supported by partners from both the sports and textiles industries.

 Kühner and Günther have invited the following nine international schools to participate in the Masterclass 2018:

 1. Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (China)

 2. IFA Paris (France)

 3. University of Art, Linz (Austria)

 4. London College of Fashion (UK)

 5. School of Fashion, Sigmaringen (Germany)

 6. Shih Chien University (Taiwan)

 7. The Swedish School of Textiles / University of Borås (Sweden)

 8. University of Lapland (Finland)

 9. University of Oregon (USA)

 The first two days of the Masterclass will be dedicated mainly to design work. Kühner and Günther will introduce the young designers to the subject-matter. The designer Cornelia Sievers will be on hand for further support. Through working as a group, the students will then be encouraged to develop new ideas and concepts.

 What is the role of the designer in a very much changing and digitalized world of work?

"That is the central question which we shall endeavour to answer“, says Nora Kühner. The design and sport fashion expert is genuinely convinced that a new understanding must be developed for the field of design. The business will become ever more complex and interdisciplinary. Meanwhile, many technical aspects are now shaping the working day. “New applications and technologies, such as 3-D-printing, make for new possibilities“, says Kühner. Through them, fully new clothing concepts could be conceived and also, for example, customized. Co-creation will play a leading role in the future of the design process. These developments demand new skills and abilities from the designers. “That’s what we want to prepare the students for“, says Kühner.

ISPO is putting an emphasis on digitisation

 This year, ISPO Munich is putting an emphasis on the subject of digitalization, too. The students will be able to discuss this topic face-to-face with various company representatives. On the opening day of the fair, the young design talents are invited by various fabric producers and sports brands for a professional exchange. To start the final day of the workshop, Monday, January 29th, 2018, the students will listen to presentations from the industry’s experts. After the lectures, it’s the turn of the talents: at 5pm, the individual groups will introduce their ideas during a public presentation on the stage of the ISPO Academy. The following “Get Together“ creates the opportunity for the ISPO visitors – both from industry and retail – to exchange with the designers of tomorrow.