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After Athleisure, Recycled and Hybrids: the focus topic this year is “Biogradable”

The topic for the next trade fair from 26 to 27 April 2017 shows once again the pioneering role of the Performance Days.


After the record-setting figures for exhibitor and visitor participation last season, the number of exhibitors continues to grow this year. A total of 25% more exhibitors for April 2017 have registered than in April 2016. © Performance Days


Brand new innovative fabrics in the category "Biodegradable" can be seen on the Jury´s Pick Table, along with valuable background texts and graphics at the Performance Gate. © Performance Days


When the doors open, the fitness fabrics sector will once again look to Munich and the extraordinary trade fair for functional fabrics, fibers, and accessories to learn what topic is in the spotlight. Past seasons have repeatedly shown that Performance Days has a particularly good sense of what the next big trend will be. The fair was one of the first to highlight the topic of "Athleisure", one year before it became a hot item in the sector. Similarly, the focus topics "Recycled" and "Hybrids" subsequently made waves and spawned new developments throughout the sector. The topic for the next trade fair "Biodegradable" was selected as the Focus Topic for Summer 2019. The spotlights again focus on the latest essential topic for the future.

The volume of discarded textiles creates a growing mountain of waste and, before they are discarded, every laundering flushes microscopic fine fiber particles from the garments into the world's oceans. Whether caused by abrasion while being worn or by machine washing, the question remains: What is the environmental impact? What are the options for avoiding or minimizing the impact? One question to be addressed in the framework of the Focus Topic is how fast fabrics and fiber particles decompose in (sea) water, soil, or in industrial composting processes. Brand new innovative fabrics in this category can be seen on the Jury´s Pick Table, along with valuable background texts and graphics at the Performance Gate.

Performance Days is the venue for a talk with eco-pioneer Sophie Mather

The two-day agenda brings experts to the podium to discuss the latest trends, breakthrough innovations, and technologies; in addition to information concerning sustainability and much more. Traditionally, speakers on Day-2 of the fair are devoted to the Focus Topic. The "Biodegradable" lecture series is kicked-off by Sophie Mather. Performance Days has scheduled her presentation to begin at 9:45h on April 27th, 2017.

International fashion designer Christopher Raeburn speaks in Munich

Also top fashion can have a green conscience! The well-known international fashion designer Christopher Raeburn will be at the Performance Days Trade Fair in Munich to share his insights on the topic of sustainable clothing and the world of top fashion. Christopher Raeburn is one of the stars of British fashion. Even his first collection attracted great attention. Several coveted collaborations and capsule-collections soon followed parallel to his successful line. Now, in an exclusive presentation in Munich, he has agreed to present his "Remade in England" concept as well as to introduce visitors to his design approach and method of working. His exquisite masterpieces are created by processing recycled and sustainable fabrics. He sees no contradiction in the two terms luxury and sustainability. The Christopher Raeburn presentation "Designing Sustainability" is scheduled to start at 3:45h on April 26th, 2017.

Eco Performance Award goes to Global Merino from California

The Eco Performance Award is given to a sustainably produced and biodegradable functional fabric from Global Merino.

The winning fabric “GM 1754” is made from 64% polyester and 36% merino and, despite its being a blend, is categorized as biodegradable. Special polyester used in the fabric makes this possible. In addition to being made from recycled PET, it decomposes much faster than conventional polyester.

The fibres are tested under the standards of ASTM D5511 for "Anaerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials" (decomposition in the absence of oxygen). The result: The merino wool used is 26% decomposed after 149 days; over the same period, the polyester fibre when used as a staple fibre is at 20.7% or as a filament yarn already at 17.6%. Something to compare: A virgin polyester fabric will only decompose a maximum of 4% after 991 days; while a fabric made from the polyester used by Global Merino can already reach 78% degradation in that time!

What a great approach to the production as well as for the end-of-life of the fabric - a real win-win contribution for protecting the environment and conserving resources!

Global Merino founder Jose Fernandez will introduce his new fabric as part of the awards ceremony for the Eco Performance Award at Performance Days at about 10:15h on April 26th, 2017.

All the latest trends for Summer 2019, the new Focus Topic, and many novelties including the winner of the Eco Performance Award will be presented April 26-27th, 2017 at Performance Days in the Munich MTC. To avoid the waiting time at the registration desk at the trade fair, we recommend you use the online visitor registration service to secure your online ticket.


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