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Neonyt: Let’s work together

Connected globally, socially distanced locally – the winter edition of Neonyt from 19–21 January 2021 in Berlin will show how it’s done!


Glocalisation, collaboration, diversity and digitalisation – these are the topics at the Neonyt fair in January 2021. © Neonyt, Messe Frankfurt

  • How does collaboration work in the fashion industry and particularly in times of social distancing?

  • When tried-and-tested solutions and established yearly plans no longer fit the bill, it’s time to start setting new priorities.

The winter edition of Neonyt from 19-21 January 2021 in Berlin will be demonstrating what this can look like. With this event, the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation is fulfilling the industry’s need to move closer together and cooperate more closely. The agenda at Neonyt will be defined by the hottest topics from the fashion scene: glocalisation and collaboration, as well as diversity and digitalisation.

Thimo Schwenzfeier, Show Director of Neonyt:

“For many, the transformation happened virtually overnight – and made it clear just how interlinked yet also fragile the entire system is. We need to show how serious we really are about sustainability through our actions – here and now.” A rethink is happening in the entire textile and clothing industry, with more and more people advocating glocal cooperation and calling for an end to short-sighted competitiveness. Synergies are forming between competitors, which can benefit everyone. Several brands from the fair fashion community have been setting an example for years now. After all, genuine partnerships with overseas suppliers certainly pay off for fashion labels.

Neonyt exhibitors such as LangerChen and Lanius are leading the way

They have getting the Fair Fashion Solidarity movement off the ground and are giving labels and shops specific recommendations on how to advocate fair conditions in the fashion industry in times of Covid-19. Sustainable production standards and transparent supply chains can be guaranteed through close collaboration.


19–21 January 2021