06/01/2017 – Mara´s column — auf Deutsch lesen

New button recipes

A new column by Mara Michel, managing director of VDMD. This time: Buttoning up – that was then! In the here and now, buttons are used for decoration.


In her new column, Mara Michel writes exclusive in textile network about the world of design (Photo: private)


Choose a theme – SNOW – and add a generous portion of blue silk. Sew it into an A-line blouse with deep-cuffed sleeves, and sprinkle it with small white buttons dusted with powdery snow.

Present the result at a collection meeting. This delicious treat will be loved by all.

Does this mean that the button is on a roll?

It certainly does! In fact, it’s creating a host of recipes for success that are both imaginative and enchanting.

Today’s buttons not only fasten jackets, trousers and skirts, but are evolving into exciting and sophisticated ornaments.

In the summer 2018 season, they will reflect the trend towards water colours, shimmering in all shades of the rainbow, or boasting ornamental designs.

They can hold relief designs or be covered with delicate mesh or lace.

Their boundless versatility allows them to adapt to the theme of any outfit.

They run like a golden thread through bags, shoes, hats and scarves.

We’ve been waiting for the button to rise again.

The time has come at last!

Enjoy and savour the new menu of extravagant button creations.