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Source of inspiration Marrakech

Back in 1943, Winston Churchill told Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Marrakech is the nicest place on Earth”.


11.-12. October on to Marrakech! © Maroc in Mode


This was also recognized by many stars in the 60´s. Yves Saint Laurent has set a landmark there with the wonderful Jardin Majorelle. Whether fashion blogger or designer, Marrakech thrills. For international fashion bloggers like Camille Charrière, Anna Vitiello or Alithea Castillo, Marrakech is the must-visit city of 2018, not least because of the unique atmosphere of the city that makes the Orient tangible, the Jardin Majorelle and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, opened last year, which shows the life and work of this unique designer. A lively boutique scene makes Marrakech a shopper's paradise. There are boutiques throughout the city with a selection of high quality designer collections, accessories, etc. that attract visitors

 such as "33 Rue Majorelle" run by designers such as Les Maures, Salma Abdel-Wahab or Atelier Nihal. Marrakech is worth a visit.

 Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing is organized by Amith, the Moroccan Textile Association in cooperation with the Moroccan Foreign Trade Ministry and AMDIE.

 Maroc in Mode - Maroc Sourcing

 Marrakech, October 11-12, 2018