22/05/2019 – Performance Days — auf Deutsch lesen

The Beauty of Function

Performance Days has every reason to be thrilled with new record figures! 2.201 visitors were counted in May, almost 20 percent up on spring 2018.


The autumn’s fair takes place November 13 to 14, 2019 once again at the Messe München exhibition grounds © Performance Days


This is further proof of the success of the fair’s concept and how the Focus Topic “The Beauty of Function” has its finger firmly on the functional pulse. The timing couldn’t have been better considering current changes in the market. The boundaries between fashion and function are blurring more and more, with sports manufacturers paying increasing attention to fashionable aspects and the urbanity of their functional clothing, and fashion brands progressively equipping collections with a functional touch.

Jochen Lagemann, Senior Vice President of PrimaLoft:

“The two major topics of function and fashion are the interface for sport- and fashion collections due to the fact that these two categories and branches are growing ever closer together. Fashion views function as sexy whereas sport needs to learn about beauty – and a fair like this is an excellent platform! We definitely registered more interest from the fashion side.”

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