22/11/2021 – Sustainability and digitisation — auf Deutsch lesen

The overarching topics at Neonyt 2022

From 18 until 20 January 2022, Neonyt will be setting the pace in all things sustainable fashion, lifestyle and textile innovation.


150 labels have already signed up to exhibit at Neonyt in January 2022 and are ready and waiting for Frankfurt Fashion Week. © Neonyt/Messe Frankfurt


Sustainability and digitisation: the two overarching topics of Frankfurt Fashion Week are the DNA that makes up Neonyt. Fair fashion pioneers, established brands and sustainable newcomers will be coming together at Neonyt to define and disrupt the industry: fashion is becoming the interface of design and sustainability, inclusion and digitalisation, responsibility and technology, diversity and conformity.

“A lack of transparency in textile supply and value chains and avoidable environmental pollution existed before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, as did manmade climate change,” says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President of Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt. “But in times of crisis, these global problems have shifted even more into the focus. The question we need to be asking ourselves now is how we can change the status quo and confront these challenges together.”

Neonyt approved

So far, 150 labels have already signed up to exhibit at the January 2022 edition. Before being added to the exhibitor portfolio, labels that wish to exhibit at Neonyt have always had to undergo a sustainability and style check. In a several-page questionnaire, interested labels have to provide specific information about the ecological and social aspects of their products, including proof of certification from organisations like Bluesign, GOTS, Fair Trade or Oeko-Tex, as well as multi-stakeholder programmes or codes of conduct. They are also asked questions about their carbon and water footprints, their supply and value chains and their resource efficiency and innovative production cycles. Only companies that meet at least 70% of the requirements may exhibit at Neonyt.

“Neonyt means thinking and acting in a holistic way – from the order business of our brands to the discussion panels at the Fashionsustain conference, best-practice examples in the Showcases and lifestyle insights during Prepeek down to the trend credentials of our fashion show,” says Bettina Bär, Show Director of Neonyt.