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Thinking spaces


Trend inside: the urban space is emotionalised. © VDMD


Trend outside: nature is brought indoors and to the body. © VDMD

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Digitalisation, 4.0 and the impact of artificial intelligence on humans and their working environment look set to steal our attention in years to come. The more 4.0 takes hold in our living spaces, the more important analogue spaces will become, spaces that connect people through empathy, that provide them with a refuge and allow them to carve out their own individual lifestyles.

Appreciation, esteem, respect, innovation and empathy will be at the heart of the new thinking spaces for inside, outside, global and digital. New intellectual approaches create new products. Products that connect, are aesthetically pleasing as well as innovative, empathetic and useful.

Trend theme 1 – inside: The urban space is emotionalised

The colours are still unobtrusively cool, but are also enriched with warm brown and terracotta summer shades.

Materials are loaded with smart functions; surfaces are interpreted with plenty of texture. The designs breathe new life into fabrics, with urban views and large 3D prints.

Trend theme 2 – outside: Nature is brought indoors and to the body

The colours are bathed in light, they are brilliant and earthy warm. They conjure up a floral summer, giving expression to an intense love of life.

For the materials, innovations are borrowed from nature, giving rise to antibacterial fibres from algae, bio-based materials, such as the fermentation of sugar substrates from Aspergillus and organic fibres from orange peel. Designs indulge in photo-realistic natural worlds.

Trend theme 3 – global: Migration and globality bring an emotional display of colour

The colours are warm, loud, extrovert and bold and are found alongside dark, intense and muted shades.

Ever more international designers are adding hand-crafted looks to their collections, lending a voice to traditions from all over the world.

Designs and weaving patterns are borrowed from the global space. Exotic animals, fairy tales, myths and legends serve as a source of inspiration.

Trend theme 4 – digital: the digital space thrives on extremes

Artificial, icy cool colours for 4.0, black and white for a sense of familiarity and security, soft, delicate, sensitive chalk colours that express the longing for closeness.

The materials have broken-up surfaces, the textures are often blurred or stand out. Honeycomb, cells, lace or electrified fabrics create a mood permeated with emotion. Experiments take centre stage: emotional images, playing around with light and exposure, whilst surreal shapes and subjects are printed or embroidered onto expressive materials.

Mara Michel