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Trendreport Autumn/ Winter 2017/18

Knopf & Knopf presents six trend themes for the upcoming season. The season is inspired by rough nature elements and outdoor living.


Design Matters (Photo: Knopf&Knopf)


Nocturne (Photo: Knopf&Knopf)

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Trends for Women

Meaning of creation (Design matters)

Yes, it does! Design matters. In the 18th year after the millennium designs with longevity and durability have a more important meaning than ever. Materials are inspired by interior surfaces and upholstery. Steel grey and uniform blue are the main colours; turquoise and pear facilitate them. Trimmings have the function to give a kind of youth. Big metal lugs and rings can be found of each kind of garment.

Natures First-Hand (earthed)

Design focus on functional details and the country style is modernised. Furthermore it seems to be a mixture between men and women style. Masculine details cross over in womenswear. Colours are inspired by earth; bitter chocolate, henna, evergreen or dusk blue come along with saffron, equator orange or ochre. Trimmings with a clear appearance underline the clean silhouettes and clear shapes. They are inspired by camping themes and outdoor activities. D-ring and carabiner can be found in this trend theme as well as thin, tender chains. Metal is combined also with leather elements; horn and wood are used for harder surfaces.

Night And Day (nocturne)

The night becomes a time of activity. It is not the dark side of the day anymore. The distinction between daywear and nightwear fade away. Dark gothic influences creep into everyday looks and create floral surfaces on buttons. Colours are darkened with effects from lighter jewel tones as amethyst, lapis or tourmaline. Big golden clasps interact with velvet fabrics. Shimmering surfaces are the key.

Mercing (infusion)

There is a growing interdependence between humans and technology. Unusual pairings and everyday luxury are recurrent themes. Luxury trimmings like golden buttons or brass clasps help to bring ladylike looks to perfection. The colour palette has an inherent sense of luxury and optimism where deeper tones like stone or blue smoke match with corresponding lights as scarlet or intense coral. Shiny and brushed surfaces on metal trimmings bring likewise glamour.


Trends for Men

Back To Nature(earthed)

This trend theme brings a warm welcome to the upcoming autumn/winter season. It is inspired by nature. Earthed colours like henna, honey gold or evergreen come along with bright winter berries, root vegetables and ripened autumn fruit. To underline the nature spirit a new kind of camouflage brings a key statement. Trimmings seem to be crafted by nature: rough finishes inspired by rocks and wood will play the key role. Carabiner clips are shown also in combination with leather ribbons; buttons are made of wood and brushed metal.

Miracolous Darkness(nocturne)

A crossover between day and night activities invites to explore the fascination of darkness. Man-made materials like nylon, coated leather and reflective details are the main players to underline the eerie and dramatic look in this trend theme. Besides black neon and highlight flashes as citrin and dark ruby give pieces a cross-over appeal between day and night. The feature of Miracololus Darkness is the decorative pattern also on trimmings as well as a kind of gothic styling.

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