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VDMD trend pulse S/S 2021– personalisé

The VDMD Trend Research team continues to explore themes relevant to all of society. For the summer season 2021 the future concept is: personalisé.




The rationale behind it? On the momentous journey towards global digitalisation and AI, people are increasingly looking for a personal touch and for more empathy. The nature of work will be redefined, while the overall focus will shift from the transparent consumer to the uniqueness of each individual’s fingerprint.

reduit et sensible – A sustainable and conscious approach towards consumerism. Delicate and reserved yet vibrant and radiant colours usher in spring and summer. Purism becomes a conduit for empathy and emotional expression.

naturel et intelligent – Creating space to allow nature, the environment and us to regenerate. We protect our environment and carefully listen to nature’s millennia-old secrets. Lively and refreshing colours reflect all the nuances of nature awakening in spring and surprise us with the colours of orchids.

intégrative et précieux – A feast for the senses! Digital technology meets cultural traditions around the world. New ways of thinking generate new visions and visualisations and thus promote integration and understanding. The appreciation of shared traditions connects generations and nations. Flamenco, tapas, Mexico, South America and Frida Kahlo are just a few examples that symbolise sensuality, fire, joy, spirit and hot nights filled with dancing, zest for life, pride and composure.

moi et toi – A symbiosis between analogue and digital. The younger generation is teaching us to embrace change and let the pendulum swing between romanticism, redefinition, gender, quietness and extroversion. Delicate and yet provocative colours simultaneously allude to digital technology and romantic longing.

Mara Michel, futurize trendforschung, MD at VDMD and head of the Trend Research team:

“Designers are creating new and unexpected products for the coming seasons.”

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