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“What women love”

Fashion should be a celebration of life and lingerie; a very private feminine affair, to cherish, to express your senses and your fantasies!


“Fashion is not really about clothes, it’s about life” This quote from Franca Sozzani, (1950-2016) brilliant editor in chief of Vogue Italy, is the leitmotif of the coming seasons by Interfilière. Life is a path of developments related to our place in history or our social economic situation. And, women especially, are aware of how their status and longings are often pushed aside or in the most happy circumstances, being well looked after © Interfilière


The Dreamer © Interfilière

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The Dreamer

Lingerie has a very special place in the romantic corner of the female heart. She loves to play on the dualism between tough feminism and eternal girly-ness. Light and frivolous, with a strong accent on innovation and surprise. Bits of vintage maybe, but nothing has the same context. This Dreamer loves her stories to have an original plot.


The new sensual frontier! Supernatural with a bit of witchcraft. Misty, foggy and definitely a major challenge to match this amazing visual impact of materials with the current need for lightness. Here is where lingerie moves away from the aggressive S&M cult into something of an imaginative realm of female mystique.

The Nomad

The need to be free: no restrictions, no boundaries, no time limits, no weighing mundane responsibilities. This nomadism, so well exploited by leading retailers who understand that this is more than an ethnic trend, but a need to renew with our primal need to be actively involved in a healthy existence. A new look on natural colours and craft.


Flowers are lingerie classics, but this theme is much more challenging than its first impression. Dare to break rules of taste and look for unusual colour harmonies and scales. An aspect of seductive eccentricity in the blend of colours and materials. Broadening the scope beyond florals into the aromas of Autumn leaves and mushrooms.

The warrior

The warrior seeks serenity and protection from the daily challenges of urban living.

She is a woman confident of her power and does not need to wield it… She is tough on the outside, soft and inviting within. She is…Wrapped, Laced, Banded, Zipped, Bonded and swathed in the buffer of camouflage and metallic accents.


Sport elements and the growing awareness of comfort are morphing into everyday Athleisure garments. With the exception of real functional sports bras and performance gear, sporty developments are on their way to become the essentials of a new way of dressing. After wild print seasons we now see a more architectural mood concentrating on the essence of wearability.

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