22/02/2021 – Digitization par excellence — auf Deutsch lesen

Bodo Jagdberg: From F/S 2022 collections easy to sample online

The new digital platform for sampling by button supplier Bodo Jagdberg is convincing in every aspect with its high functionality and professionalism.


Using agile project methods and a lot of discipline, Complex and Bodo Jagdberg have realized a digital trade fair portal with a completely integrated order process and project management within six months. © Bodo Jagdberg


In addition, Bodo Jagdberg creates tailor-made search results in his trade fair portal, and allows each client to quickly navigate through the collection and sort the products by categories such as pants, blouses, jackets etc. and of course by fashion trends/themes. © Bodo Jagdberg

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What can you do if real trade fairs cannot be held? How can companies still reach customers, especially abroad, for sampling for the new season? Can the new collection really be presented convincingly digitally? Questions that the company Bodo Jagdberg asked itself in spring 2020 after it was already foreseeable that the corona pandemic would prolong and that normal trade fair activities for sampling of the new collection would probably not take place.

  • “In spring 2020 it was clear to us that we had to find a solution in presenting the new button and accessory collection to our customers without trade fairs,” says Knut Jagdberg.

With the software consulting company Complex from Aschaffenburg, a partner has been found who has concentrated on what Jagdberg’s customers really need.

For this purpose, experts from all areas from both companies worked together on a daily basis and finally completed the ambitious product in early 2021.

Knut Jagdberg: “Complex has given us optimal support in our digital strategy and really understood the way designers and buyers work at trade fairs. They implemented this in a digital platform for sampling for our customers.”

Bodo’s Digital Sampling – Easy & Fast

With the new portal from Bodo Jagdberg, customers can quickly and easily get an overview of the new collection, be inspired by product groups such as pants, denim, jacket, recycled trimmings, blouse, bags, evening wear etc., and order their samples directly online.

For this purpose, the Bodo Jagdberg company has elaborately photographed, digitized and stored all the panels and all products of the summer 2022 collection in the digital exhibition portal. Every button, every decorative part, every clasp – in all colors and sizes. “A real mammoth task that took many hours,” says Knut Jagdberg.

  • The result is more than convincing. You could also say: trend-setting and future oriented.

And this is how it works

As soon as a customer has registered on the Bodo Jagdberg portal and the login access has been activated, the whole collection opens up in a very clear form. Well sorted, easy to use and easy to sample. “The handling of the digital exhibition portal was very important to us and should correspond to a real presentation as close as possible, ”explains Knut Jagdberg. This was clearly achieved. One can easily click through the cards and zoom in the required areas as well as view the available sizes and colors. A desired article can be placed in sample folder (basket) or one can create product folders and place individual items in that folder.

The system will then process the order accordingly.

Collection Presentation in a Cloud

If a customer wants personal advice an innovative solution is also thought of. Both client and service representative can be connected in a cloud and share their screens.

This will allow us to communicate directly with the client, go through the collection together as well as answer any questions says Knut Jagdberg.

  • Of course, the new innovative platform should not and can by no means replace a real presentation or a personal conversation at trade fairs, but is a useful supplement.

  • However it enables the customer an independent sampling despite of time and place with the advantage of significantly greater flexibility.