31/08/2021 – Textile chemistry — auf Deutsch lesen

Cycle-Logic: upcycling of PET plastic bottles

Rudolf Group implements the manufacturing of chemical auxiliaries for textile based on chemically recycled PET plastic waste.


Through the chemical recycling of PET, Rudolf Group’s R&D has studied new options which are additional to the traditional bottle-to-bottle recycling. © Rudolf Group


One of the most advanced and progressive frontiers of textile chemistry is the transformation of waste into materials that can be further used for a greener and sustainable world. The majority of the research work in this area concerns organic waste which can be upcycled into bio-carbon based innovation. The Rudolf Group currently addresses this progressive field through their recently launched Bio-Logic brand.

Rudolf Group renews its commitment to the environment through the launch of the Cycle-Logic brand and product family. Cycle-Logic captures tremendous technical innovation and pioneers a new path: the upcycling of post-consumer, disposable and non-returnable plastics – such as beverage PET plastic bottles – into valuable textile chemistry. PET plastics can now be recycled to raw materials used as inputs in Rudolf’s manufacturing and therefore partially replacing fossil resources.

The first 3 Cycle-Logic chemical auxiliaries for textiles based on post-consumer, recycled PET bottles:

  • Feran Upcycle ICT: the first intelligent moisture management technology for PES textiles

  • Rucogen Upcycle RNB: most advanced dispersing agent for indigo washing

  • Rucolin Upcycle SDS: first, all-in-one, multi-functional, high-affinity polymer dyeing auxiliary

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