14/01/2021 – Friendly on your skin! Friendly to the planet! — auf Deutsch lesen

Muehlmeier launches toxin-free M-iFoam Padding

With the latest innovation, Muehlmeier succeeds to offer a real alternative in breast padding for lingerie and swimwear.


Despite of the softness and delicacy of the M-iFoam Padding, it offers natural hold by stretch stability. © Muehlmeier


Muehlmeier has developed its M-iFoam Padding to offer environment-conscious buyers a reliable testified high-quality foam for BraCups, which is free of toxins: free of phenol, formaldehyde and heavy metals. It is environmentally friendly and skin-friendly at the same time without compromising on comfort and soft support.

In addition, M-iFoam production sets new standards in green manufacturing as the production process of the foam will cause a reduced environmental footprint and especially securing water purity. All this is possible because the chemical formaldehyde is not used in the production process at all.

Instead of keeping chemical composition within limits, M-iFoam follows the idea of eliminating chemicals like for example phenol completely from the product.

Since phenol is not occurring as in classical foam, the factor of phenolic yellowing is principally eliminated and keeps the cup in better white.

Muehlmeier’s innovative M-iFoam Padding consists of a unique perforated structure that provides excellent moisture absorption by high breathability.