07/09/2022 – Textile finishing

New PFC-free durable water repellent

Huntsman Textile Effects has released Phobotex R-Ace for high-performance outdoor and extreme sports apparel as well as everyday wear.


Phobotex R-Ace offers outstanding rain and splash protection for garments that are water repellent and windproof. © Huntsman


Phobotex R-Ace delivers excellent water repellence on all types of fibers, even under the toughest conditions. It offers excellent compatibility with resin finishing to ensure even application on cellulosic fibers. Additionally, it repels everyday stains, such as mud, coffee, ketchup and juice, so that garments stay cleaner for longer. Textiles treated with Phobotex R-Ace are breathable, retain their soft handle and continue to look good and perform well through repeated laundering and drying.

The robust chemistry of Phobotex R-Ace achieves high repellency with significantly less chemicals added on to the fabric as compared to the typical PFC-free DWRs in the market. This helps mills minimize unwanted consequences like chalk marks, seam slippage issues and harsh handle. The DWR also offers best-in-class runability, for faster trouble-free production and good reproducibility.

Critically, Phobotex R-Ace meets current and upcoming industry standards. The new DWR is PFC-free and formaldehyde-free Phobotex R-Ace meets the Bluesign criteria (imminent approval pending) and will be published on the ZDHC Gateway with Conformance Level 3, and suitable for Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified textile products. It also meets new Bluesign restrictions on 2-Butanone oxime in chemical products. Textiles treated with Phobotex R-Ace qualify for the High IQ Repel Performance Assurance scheme.