11/02/2020 – Wicket 4: Clothing made from sustainable wood fibres — auf Deutsch lesen

Wuppertal textile label Wijld backs long-lasting products

With the production of high-quality basic garments made of sustainable wood fibres, Wijld promotes durable products and has received an award for this.


Appreciation is an important value for Timo Beelow, founder of the Wuppertal textile label Wijld. The clothes he produces are intended as an alternative to fast fashion. © EFA


Wijld is a young brand and start-up founded by Timo Beelow and Aline Hauck. Their “baby” celebrated its third birthday in late 2019 and produces environmentally friendly, modern clothing, distributed through an online platform and selected stores.

Aline Hauck:

“We want our customers to know how much energy and love are poured into a piece of clothing and we want us all to learn how to cherish our clothes again.”

In this case, “cherish” means that decisions to purchase and wear clothes are not solely driven by fleeting fashions and trends.

The label has consistently applied this thought in the development of its product lines.

Wijld primarily sells basics: clothing that is not influenced by fashion trends but is nevertheless needed on a daily basis. This includes monochrome shirts, hoodies, sports shirts, jumpers, knitted jumpers, zipped hoodies, sportswear, tank tops and knitwear.

Clothing made from wood fibres

Furthermore, all their clothing is made from wood fibres. These fibres originate in Europe, they are a renewable resource and are bought from suppliers involved in certified sustainable forestry. Extracting these fibres is a very environmentally friendly process since the non-toxic solvent used can also be recycled. Textiles made from wood are not only comfortable and soft, but they also compensate for changes in temperature and offer antibacterial properties which are comparable to those of high-quality sports tops. They can therefore be worn over extended periods without taking on unpleasant odours.

 The Wuppertal textile label Wijld is one of four main winners of the 2019 German efficiency prize for North Rhine-Westphalia. The prize money was a total of EUR 20,000.