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28/11/2017 – Advansa - 50th anniversary of dacron — auf Deutsch lesen

Attractive Projects

Advansa's future activities: e.g.a relaunch is planned for Dacron 95°, a new generation of particularly hygienic fibre filling.


Aerelle Soft Flex are filling fibres for a high degree of sleeping comfort and the flexibility of the fibre filling offers excellent shape recovery © Advansa


As the product name implies, Dacron 95° is boil-proof at 95°C, as well as being particularly durable and now even fluffier. The product retains its shape even after multiple washing cycles. And new hydro-technology means that the product dries even faster. Dacron 95° offers a balanced combination of feel-good sleeping comfort and ease of care.

Aerelle Soft Flex

Aerelle Soft Flex are filling fibres for a high degree of sleeping comfort and the flexibility of the fibre filling offers excellent shape recovery. Duvets featuring Aerelle Soft Flex filling fibres are particularly soft and cuddly as well as being exceedingly stable in form thanks to the high rebound capacity displayed by the fibres. In pillows, the new fibres ensure good support for the head while remaining pleasantly fluffy. The Aerelle Soft Flex remains voluminous over longer periods of time, is ultra-soft and fabulously cuddely. Like almost all filling fibres offered by Advansa, these bedding products are machine washable at 60°C as well as being dryer-safe.

In line with the motto of "Luxurious comfort during the night - in top form during the day", 75 female consumers (out of 14,000 applicants) are currently testing the new Dacron Quallofil Premium duvet. www.konsumergoettinnen.de is a recommendation platform for women only. And these consumer goddesses with high demands on their duvets are proving to be extremely enthusiastic. As are those users not involved in this Internet platform in terms of the test results. As of January 2018, therefore, these consumers' recommendations will be used on package inserts and in advertising.

And last but not least, 2018 will see Advansa celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dacron fibre production in Germany. In 1968, the copyright holder at the time, DuPont de Nemours, commenced production of brand filling fibres for bedding in the Hamm-Uentrop plant. Starting with the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt, Advansa will be supporting the occasion in the form of a variety of jubilee activities. And end consumers, too, will be able to reap the benefits by way of product samples at the anniversary promotion while participating in a prize draw with many attractive prizes.