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Moondream: Heat insulation in minutes

Granat Focus curtain Photo: Moondream

Granat Focus curtain Photo: Moondream


Moondream, a brand under the wing of French, Paris-based company Brunswick et Fils, presents Eco by Moondream, a heat insulating lining fabric for curtains.

Tests conducted by an independent laboratory have confirmed the insulating properties of Eco by Moondream. A metallic constituent in the material ensures that 80-90 per cent of the infrared radiation from heat is indeed reflected. The company claims that the material is capable of effectively conserving interior heat, cutting heating costs by up to 46 percent. This development was originally inspired by the space blankets used in rescue operations.

Eco by Moondream is designed with a self-adhesive tape that enables the material to be attached to existing curtains in minutes. Ready-made curtains with an integrated lining are likewise available.