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Advansa: Innovative concepts

Advansa offers a range of thermo-regulating innovations for bedding along with a host of ideas and innovative concepts within this field.

Hollofil active is a new bedding concept, developed for people with active lifestyles who really need a relaxed night’s sleep after a dynamic day on the go. Hollofil active unites function and comfort. Advansa states: “Endowed with effective moisture management, a special performance fibre blend with high-volume spring fibres helps the body to regenerate during the night.”

Hollofil spring is Advansa’s answer to the growing trend towards boxspring beds. Toppers and mattress protectors containing Hollofil spring, a particularly durable filling material with 3D spring technology, reportedly enhance the comfort of boxspring beds whilst lengthening the lifecycle of the mattresses. The Hollofil spring quilted bedding can enhance comfort still further.

Combined with the company’s Fresh Air technology, Dacron is an innovative, odour-neutralising system, comprising a cover/pillowcase and filling fibres. The fabric (Fresh Air) is developed from standard fibre and is endowed with odour-neutralising technology, which reduces odours by more than 70%. The anti-microbial filling fibres also hinder the development of bacteria and fungi.

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