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Brückner: Textile delegation from Bangladesh

Brückner - worldwide leading manufacturer of textile finishing lines - received recently a delegation of textile finishers from Bangladesh. Among them were standing customers but also interested executives of growing textile companies. They were cordially received by the owner Ms. Regina Brückner in the Brückner technology centre in Leonberg.

Owner Regina Brückner with her guests
Photo: Brückner

Owner Regina Brückner with her guests Photo: Brückner


Brückner’s responsible sales staff and technologists explained their guests the technical details of the new dryer generation. Afterwards, coating tests with the highly flexible Brückner application unit OPTI-COAT were made. This unit allows to apply precise quantities with very different types of coating.

The finishing line in Brückner’s technology center allows to dry, heat-set and coat a variety of fabric types. The guests from Bangladesh were enthusiastic about the multitude of finishing possibilities for very different intended uses. Simultaneously the new POWER-FRAME ECO dryer system allows to save considerably energy.

On the second day of the visit, the delegation visited Brückner’s production site in Tittmoning/Bavaria where Brückner produces their machines for more than 50 years. A relocation of the production site abroad is out of question for Regina Brückner: “We are proud of our German site and this allows us to keep the high quality standard of our products and to react flexibly to our customers’ demands. This secures us a big competitive advantage.”