19/03/2019 – Carbon-reinforced concrete — auf Deutsch lesen

CUBE – the first fibre-reinforced building in the world

Building history is due to be made on the Einsteinstrasse in Dresden: the first C³ carbon concrete building.


Design model for the Cube building project: this demonstration building is designed to illustrate the pioneering, broad-impact results of the C³ consortium. © Iurii Vakaliuk, TU Dresden


According to Roy Thyroff, Director of the textile concrete association Tudalit, which is part of the consortium, the plan is to lay the first foundation stone in Spring 2020.

Thyroff, 49, belongs to the second generation of textile concrete professionals, following on from Professors Offermann, Cherif and Curbach. He has headed the association for seven years, during which time he has also been director of the leading carbon reinforcement manufacturer, Fraas Solutions in Textile; in both roles, he has been advocating the use of the high-performance building material, which has been in research and development for 25 years, across a broad spectrum of practical applications. He is a partner in the C³ consortium that is currently bringing the lightweight building material to the point of practical economic application.

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