08/07/2019 – Techtextil Award New Material — auf Deutsch lesen

Cork improves ecological cycle

The award in the category “New Material” went to the joint project of the cork processor Sedacor and the textile company Penedo.


The new Cork-a-Tex yarn from Sedacor and Penedo is temperature-regulating and creates an ecological cycle. © Ilona Schulz


A “marriage of two companies” is how Albertino Oliveira, Marketing and Commercial Director of cork processor Sedacor describes the project that attracted so much attention at Techtextil: Cork-a-Tex, a cotton yarn produced by textile maker Penedo, is covered with cork powder from waste cork retrieved from the processing industry.

The collaboration between Sedacor and Penedo has given rise to a new company known as Cork-a-Tex Factory. “The response to this project has far exceeded our expectations,” states Albertino Oliveira. “We’ve already been contacted by plenty of major brands, both from the sportswear and fashion sectors.” Headquartered in Guimarães, the heart of the Portuguese textile industry, Cork-a-Tex Factory recently revealed that high-efficiency, Portuguese-made machines will be employed to produce the yarn. JF Almeida intends to use the yarn for terry towelling whilst Penedo will focus on the production of jacquard fabrics. The company has set its sights on achieving a turnover of EUR 2m by 2020.

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