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Dupont Sorona: Fibre from renewable raw materials

Based on renewable raw materials, the Sirona fibre from DuPont is underlining the company’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels whilst minimising CO² emissions.

Photo: DuPont Sorona

Photo: DuPont Sorona


Sorona enables spinning mills and designers to develop both sustainable and versatile solutions. The Sorona fibre contains 37% annually renewable plant-based ingredients, i.e. corn and corn starch.

Its life cycle assessment shows that the manufacture of Sorona requires 30% less energy and releases 63% fewer greenhouse gases than the production of polyamide 6. In comparison with polyamide 6.6, Sorona consumes 40% less energy and reduces greenhouse emissions by 56%.

Sorona is used in carpets for private living spaces and commercial properties, apparel/fabrics and carpets for automotive interiors.

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