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Exhibition tip: Carbon - material of the future - special exhibition at the "tim Augsburg"

End of June 2016 opens the largest exhibition on Carbon in Germany at the State Textile and Industry Museum Augsburg.

Carbon production

Carbon production


The tim is a museum in which visitors can experience history.

Man: The spotlight is on people whose lives were radically changed by the industrial age. Visitors can learn about the turbulent history of workers, influential entrepreneurs and bankers.

Machine: The museum factory of the tim is housed in the historic saw-tooth roofed buildings of the AKS. Here, historic weaving looms clatter alongside modern high-tech machines, producing the tim locksmith´s towel and the Fugger-Barchent, for example.

Pattern: The centre of the permanent exhibition is home to a national cultural treasure: the unique collection of pattern books from the Neue Augsburger Kattunfabrik (NAK – New Augsburg Calico Factory). It reflects more than 200 years of design and fashion made in Augsburg. The renowned Atelier Brückner has created a presentation of these cloth patterns dating from the 1780s to the 1990s. Graces over four metres in height serve as interactive projection screens for visitors, impressively translating the digitalised cloth patterns into the third dimension.

Fashion: The tim has its own catwalk reserved especially for fashion ranging from Biedermeier to Strenesse clothing. The tim offers an exciting foray into the realm of fashion and costume history stretching back 200 years.

The tim focuses not only on the past, however, but also shows the exciting developments emerging in the textile world of today and tomorrow. The high-tech section revolves around entirely new areas of application. From intelligent clothing, artificial muscle through to carbon products, the tim demonstrates the opportunities of the future for the Bavarian location.

The special exhibition "Carbon - material of the future" End of Juni until November 2016. More about on our german website.

The award-winning State Textile and Industry Museum Augsburg (tim) is the first state museum in Bavarian Swabia. The tim is an institution of the Free State of Bavaria. It was established by the City of Augsburg and the District of Swabia. 

tim | Staatliches Textil- und Industriemuseum Augsburg Augsburger Kammgarnspinnerei (AKS) Provinostraße 46 86153 Augsburg Telefon +49 (821) 81001- 50 Telefax +49 (821) 81001- 531

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