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“FIR” – revolution in sportswear textiles

Photo: Nilit

Photo: Nilit


The new textile frontiers are today focusing on reaching the utmost benefits for the human body. On November 19th, the Nilit Innergy-Maglificio Ripa Project was presented in Milan: “FIR” (Far InfraRef) properties integrated in a polyamide 6.6 microfiber developed by Nilit Fibers, a multinational business from Israel. The mineral additive contained in the Nilit Innergy fiber converts the thermo energy of the human body into FIR (Far InfraRef) and reflects it back to the skin tissues generating deep and gentle heating.

The gentle heat emission invigorates, energizes and tones up the body. Thanks to this cutting-edge product Maglificio Ripa has made a full range of textiles as well as prototype garments whose properties have been tested in Italy by a special office headed by Dr. Maurizia Botti of Politecnico di Milano. The tests started in November 2013 and were aimed at assessing the very effectiveness of this textile whose special yarn had been functionalized by using natural minerals; the test consisted in comparing this textile with another “classic” textile example with same yarn composition but no “functionalization”.

The two-stage study has actually given evidence that Nilit Innergy can boost “the human ability of making physical movement and exercise” while therefore opening up new and exciting areas of application, especially in sportswear.

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