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A fascinating workpiece!

Threads and yarns are technology products and are thus, an important part in many future fields. A view into the showroom by Amann.


Stretch it! Running outfit with saba Flex © Amann Group


Design & Function: Versatile use in the automotive sector © Amann Group

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Stretch it

As a consequence of the increasing elastic materials in the market, sewing threads have also had to face considerable challenges – they must have maximum tensile strength and perfect sewability. In 2004, Amann has done pioneering work by launching saba Flex, the world’s first elastic sewing thread.


 Along with the classic apparel industry, the automotive industry is an important division at Amann. As an automotive expert, Amann knows how to bring design and function in line with the demanding technical requirements of this industry. Sewing threads are processed in car interiors (such as car seats, steering wheels, door panels, etc.) as well as in car safety elements such as airbags.


 Amann´s Road to Zero: the new WRe finish, a prerequirement for water-repellent seams, has become even more eco-friendly, as it is completely free of PFC! Amann Group takes environmental and consumer protection seriously, becoming the first worldwide sewing and embroidery thread producer to participate in the Detox campaign by Greenpeace, ensuring the certification of almost all its products according to the stricter requirements of Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.


 Unique carbon finish at the highest level. The innovative embroidery process of our metallic embroidery thread Isamet on coal fibres gives an exceptional sheen and 3D effect to the designs.

 High stability together with being extremely low weight are some of the advantages of composites, making it suitable for use in electric vehicles, sports equipment, or aerospace.

 A further example ist Bango, a simple and novel sound system in a plain cardboard box. It is a sound dispenser made of carbon (www.bango-music.com). Because of its special structure and material properties, the „spider“ spreads the acoustic waves in a special manner into different surfaces, thereby allowing almost any object to become a musical instrument.

 Smart Yarns

 The series of smart yarns at Amann include a line of conductive sewing and embroidery threads. For instance, being processed in the pain relief belt, they conduct electrical impulses and thus help in pain therapy.

 And Sensorphil Fluid is a development by the Amann Innovation Lab. The smart yarn with a sensor function detects moisture in beds, for instance, hospitals, nursing homes etc. Other potential fields of application are the construction, logistics and agricultural industries.

Amann Inovation Lab

Research and innovation are an essential part of the corporate culture by Amann. In close collaboration with customers, Amann develops solutions ranging from special smart yarns for technical textiles, to individual product designs for the automotive sector. As the interface between market and customers, the Amann Group translates requirements and ideas into textile concepts. The Amann Innovation Lab devises innovative solutions and smart yarns for the future growth areas of conductive, sensory, composite and indicate.

More than 2,150 Amann employees in over 100 countries work for the company’s success. Amann sewing and embroidery threads are produced in the company’s own factories in Europe and Asia. The sites are close to the relevant markets. By expanding local production facilities, the Amann Group creates the basis for maximum flexibility and customer focus. The headquarters of Amann & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG are located in Bönnigheim, near Stuttgart. The management board comprises Bodo Th. Bölzle (CEO and chairman), Wolfgang Findeis (CFO) and Peter Morgalla (COO).