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Argentina becomes competitive

The last season is the third best performance in terms of production of the last 20 years in Agentina.


© Mathias Ulrichs/Bremer Baumwollbörse


The sown area cotton in the 2018/19 season, reached to 441,103 hectares, while the harvested area was superior to the 332,896 hectares. It should be noted that the country’s average yield is close to 2,600 kg seed cotton per hectare (760 kg/ha cotton lint), being the province of San Luis the one that reached the highest yield (3,500 kg/hectare seed cotton), followed by Santiago del Estero with 3,286 kg/hectare seed cotton. It is worth noting that during this season there were significant floods and rainfalls leaving more than 100,000 hectares unharvested, a value close to 25 percent of the sown area.

During the 2018/19 season, 872,721 tons of seed cotton respectively 252,960 t of cotton lint were produced; the main production was in the provinces of Santiago del Estero (551,040 tons seed, 159.720 tons lint), Chaco (226,911 tons seed, 65,770 tons lint) and Santa Fe (29,410 tons, 8.525 t lint).

The last season is the third best performance in terms of production of the last twenty years. Analyzing the 1964/97 period of registered statistical values of cotton fiber it can be comment that:

The Micronaire index also experienced an increase reaching 4.2 ug/pulg, becoming stable in the last years.

The length went from values inferior or near 25 mm to levels near or superior to 29/30 millimeters.

The resistance has been increasing until reaching 20 - 25 gr/tex (level Stelómeter).

Source: Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca Argentina, ICAC Annual Assembly, Brisbane, Dec 2019