12/09/2022 – Embroidery

Colorful products come to life with Durak Tekstil threads

Ebru Nakis, providing solutions to its export-oriented customers with colorful and attractive embroidery, uses Durak Tekstil threads in production.


Ebru Nakis produces embroidery mainly for women’s/men’s clothing and baby/children’s clothing as well as home textile products. © Ebru Nakis


The company reaches the color variety and the high quality it desires with Durak Tekstil embroidery threads. © Ebru Nakis


Embroidery is the most important decoration method of fashion today as in the past. Embroidery production directly affects product quality both visually and tactilely and is carried out on industrial machines with the special threads required for this.

Ebru Nakis’ company founder and owner Hasan Öner defines embroidery as the most beautiful accessory product of textile and says: “We realize 4% of all embroidery production of Türkiye with our most advanced embroidery technologies and qualified personnel. In addition to international brands, important manufacturers in the clothing industry that produce for these brands also work with us.” The company is one of Durak Tekstil’s customers, a manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery threads.

Hasan Öner noted that thread quality and color variety are very important in embroidery production: “The thread must be in the desired volume, workability and colors both when being embroidered and in the finished embroidery design. Thread breaks will interrupt embroidery production, as well as defects in the thread body and color differences may cause problems in the pattern. We have been using embroidery threads of Durak Tekstil since the first day we set out in 1990 in order not to experience all these problems. We were producing embroidery with viscose threads when we entered the sector, then we switched to polyester threads. Durak Tekstil has become a reliable solution partner in this regard. Their threads enable us value-added production in a wide range of uses.”

Öner explained that a good thread shows the same performance in all machines and remarked that Durak Tekstil threads provide the same successful results in different machines and there is no need for fine/sensitive adjustments.

Durak Tekstil provides the necessary certificates for Ebru Nakis’ products as Öner mentions: “Various product-related certificates, especially on quality, are requested since we serve exporter customers. Durak Tekstil presents us certificates on quality and strength, as well as certificates showing that their embroidery threads are harmless to the environment and human health. Oeko-Tex certificate is one of the fundamental certificates for our customers and Durak Tekstil provides us with this certificate for their embroidery threads, for example. The embroidery we produce can meet the standards determined throughout its use from the first day in this way. This means customer satisfaction for us.”

He noted that the relationship and communication between the two companies is based on trust and that they aim to continue working with Durak Tekstil.

  • Ebru Nakis was established in 1990 in Istanbul and provides solutions especially to export-oriented companies with over 200 machines and approximately 950 staff today. Ebru Nakis has a rich product and service portfolio, working with clothing and fashion giants such as Inditex Group, Levi’s, Esprit, H&M, Hugo Boss, M&S, and Taha Group. The company offers its customers products such as embroidery, tufting patch, emblem, canvas, sequin, corduroy-lase, bead embroidery, chain embroidery, strainer, laser cutting, perforated work, and stone bonding.