23/04/2019 – Texprocess: Madeira Garnfabrik — auf Deutsch lesen

Competent advice on machine embroidery

High-performance metallic threads and new Smart Textile applications made of conductive HC yarn are the highlights of Madeira at the Texprocess.


Madeira presents new smart textile applications in Frankfurt. © Madeira


Available in two weights, this metallic thread has been specifically designed for easy use on industrial embroidery machines. Its firm twist with a polyester layer on the outside leaves it extremely soft and makes it run smoothly through both machine and needle without abrasion. The washability up to 60 or 95° C and its bleaching resistance make CR the perfect partner for almost any embroidery project. Thanks to its certification to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, Product Class 1, embroidering baby items is also possible. CR 40 with dtex 230 runs perfectly with standard needles 75/11 and 65/9. The voluminous CR20 with dtex 510 can be processed with 100/16 needles.

New Smart Textile applications

Two years ago, the highly conductive, fully silver-plated polyamide yarn Madeira HC conquered the market. Since then, several Smart Textile applications have been realised with HC. At this year’s Texprocess visitors will learn what one might need a glove with bend sensor for, how effective embroidered heating applications are and what Neoteric Iris is about, the glowing dress that can match its colour to the environment.

In addition to new thread variations and application examples, Madeira will present an expanded stabiliser range, with new iron-on backings for textiles that are particularly difficult to embroider.

Madeira Garnfabrik at the Texprocess

Hall 5.0, stand C 40