16/06/2022 – Techtextil: Vombaur — auf Deutsch lesen

Composite textiles made of natural fibres

Flax fibres are particularly rigid and tear-proof. They also have a low density. With woven tapes made of flax, Vombaur makes the functional advantages of natural fibres available for lightweight design.


As a development partner, vombaur supports companies from a wide range of industries in the implementation of challenging projects. © Vombaur


The tapes give natural fibre-reinforced plastic (NFP) excellent stability. The components combine high rigidity and strength with low weight. And they are less prone to splintering than glass fibre-reinforced plastics.

Beyond this, flax offers ecological benefits: The cultivation of flax binds CO2 and the production of NFP generates 33% lower CO2 emissions than conventional fibre-reinforced plastics. The energy consumption is 40% lower. This clearly improves the material’s CO2 footprint.

The number of recycling cycles without loss of quality is higher for natural fibre-reinforced plastics than for glass or carbon fibre-reinforced plastics: the thermoplastic matrix of the composite can be melted and recycled later on. And the natural fibres can “live on” in other products.

The potential uses of composites made of flax tape are varied. They can be used to reinforce high-tech skis as well as for extruding state-of-the-art window profiles.

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