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Cotton production to decrease in 2020/21

2020/21 area is projected down to 550,000 hectares due to late rains, a lower fixed farm gate price, and ongoing security challenges.


According to official contacts, Bangladesh purchased approximately half of Burkina Faso’s cotton exports in season 2019/20. © Bremer Baumwollbörse


USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service reports late rains particularly affected planting decisions in central and eastern Burkina Faso. Moreover, job opportunities in the gold mine sector and continued security issues influenced farmers to cut plantings by roughly 50,000 hectares.

Long-term solutions are crucial

Season 2020/21 production is projected at 185,000 tonnes (850,000 bales) assuming good growing conditions, although it is unclear if farmers will be able to find long-term solutions for ongoing challenges with cotton pests. For 2019/20, area and production levels are estimated at 580,000 hectares and 192,000 tonnes (885,000 bales) based on official government data.

Cotton exports for 2020/21 are forecast at 177,000 tonnes (815,000 bales) on expectations of less robust international demand. Exports for 2019/20 are estimated down to 159,000 tonnes (730,000 bales) due to lower international demand.

Source: USDA/FAS Gain Report, September 2020

Note: Production, supply, and distribution data contained in GAIN are not official USDA data, but represent estimates made by attachés of the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS).

Bremen Cotton Exchange – Bremen Cotton Report, 41-42/2020