26/03/2019 – Global consumption — auf Deutsch lesen

Growth projected to slow in 2018/19

The ICAC projects the global cotton consumption to post its third straight year of growth.


© ICAC Cotton this Month, März 2019


But just barely, with an expected increase of only 0.04%. Many of the top consuming countries are undergoing a slowing in consumption growt.


East Asia — 6 percent, down from 14 percent the year before

Bangladesh — 7 percent, down from 15 percent in 2017/18

Vietnam — 3 percent, down from seven straight seasons of double-digit growth

After posting 15 percent growth in 2017/18, China is expected to see its consumption growth slow by 8 percent.

On the other end of the spectrum are Turkey, Indonesia and Uzbekistan, all of which are projected to increase their consumption by double digits. India is expected to expand its mill-use as well, although by only 1 percent.

The future of US-China trade tariffs remained uncertain until recently. The lack of clarity was making it difficult for cotton growers in the Northern Hemisphere to make their planting decisions for the coming season. Meanwhile, the news has been reporting that negotiations on settling this conflict might soon experience a happy ending. The parties were close to striking an agreement that could lead to lesser tariffs on U.S. exports of e. g. agricultural products to China, while the U.S. might cancel the most or all tariffs imposed on Chinese goods last year.