18/04/2019 – Texprocess: Gunold — auf Deutsch lesen

Innovative threads that inspire

At this year’s Texprocess 2019 you can once again discover many new products from the world of embroidery at the Gunold GmbH booth in Hall 5.


A New Star in the Embroidery Thread Sky: Poly Star © Gunold


The new special thread Poly Star is a wonderful effect thread with a whole new look. It is hard-wearing, sparkles in a total of 54 modern, vibrant colours and is offered on Miniking cones. It is very gentle to the skin and also certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Embroideries and decorative seams sewn with Poly Star look harmonious, subtle and at the same time very elegant. This is made possible thanks to the special production of this thread. The polyester component makes the thread hard-wearing and soft, the metallic thread lets POLY STAR sparkle and glitter.

Marketing Manager Stephan Gunold:

“Metallic threads like Mety undoubtedly may sparkle a bit more but always seem to scratch your skin unpleasantly. This is exactly where we started with Poly Star: We were looking for a sparkling, glittering effect thread that also feels pleasant to the skin. With Poly Star we have succeeded!”

Poly Flash – A Hybrid among Polyester Threads!

The new metallic shiny polyester thread Poly Flash promises a completely different look. This innovative thread, available in 23 colours, combines the properties and look of polyester, viscose and metal in a single thread. Like Poly Star, the new Poly Flash is hard-wearing, but it offers even more: Poly Flash is as strong and as resistant to chlorine as polyester (Poly), but has the silky soft shine of viscose (Sulky) and the shimmering sheen of metallic thread (Mety). The look of Poly Flash is metallically shiny, looks like hammered metal, rather frosted than high-gloss, used, broken in a vintage style. This specialty thread is very skin-friendly and easy to work with. This thread really has what it takes to be a real winner!

Fascinating Effects Thanks to Reflection

One more highlight is the Cry effect thread which is available in silver and two different strengths which correspond to a size 12 (250 micron) and size 30 (200 micron). Cry serves not only the aesthetic aspect but also the safety and protection of people. Used as appliqués, seams and embroidery motifs, Cry is visible from afar and offers the wearer protection in the dark. The effect thread consists 100 percent of a polyamide core with a polymer coating into which tiny glass beads have been embedded. The microscopically small glass beads are fixed in such a way that a homogeneous appearance is created and the beads do not fall off when subjected to wear. Cry is suitable for embroidery and sewing, is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is available on Miniking cones of 500 m each, 10 Cones per box.

As Easy As Can Be – New Embroidery Backing

Embroidery nonwovens provide the required stability of the fabric or base material to be embroidered and guarantee best results in quality and productivity. Gunold offers the ideal reinforcement for every material from its extensive embroidery stabilizer range. Whether for cutting or tearing, for temporary ironing coated or as self-adhesive stabilizer: a stabilizer that is matched to the base material. New to the range is Stiffy 1975 B, a thin, permanently adhesive backing to complement the thicker 1950 B. “With the new Stiffy 1975 B, the embroiderer now has two options for permanently reinforcing his patches,” says Stephan Gunold. “Strong and firm with 1950 B – less firm and softer with 1975 B.”

Cleaning Done Fast

An additional innovation presented in Frankfurt is Air Duster/Air Duster-Power. Dirt, lint or dust on hook, needle bar, thread cutter, shafts as well as other small parts of the sewing machines and embroidery machines can be easily cleaned that is blown away. “Our new compressed air spray, which is available in two versions – compressed air or high pressure – cleans even otherwise inaccessible areas. Our new Air Duster is also suitable for sensitive surfaces,” adds Stephan Gunold.

Gunold at the Texprocess

Hall 5.0, stand B 41