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Love affair with durability

As Long As The World Is Full Of Durable People, We’ll Keep Making Durable Fabrics. In 2017, the brand celebrates a 50-year love affair with durability.


1978 - JanSport and Eastpak adopt Cordura fabric for their line of daypacks © Jansport


1973 - Kelty releases the Serac backpack made complete with Cordura fabric © Kelty

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It all began with the launch of 1000-denier air-jet textured nylon 6,6 fibers. JanSport adopted these classic Cordura fabrics for its original line of daypacks, helping establish the brand as a rugged style-setter. Over the decades more major adoptions by brands like Carhartt, Nike, The North Face, and Levi’s followed. And the Cordura brand expanded its portfolio with introductions like Cordura Ballistic fabrics, Cordura EcoMade recycled polyester fabric and comfortable, durable Cordura Nyco fabric.

Today, you’ll find Cordura fabrics used in a wide variety of stylish, tough, long-lasting products from apparel to footwear, including versatile fabrics that are trusted by many militaries around the globe and hard-wearing, hardworking fabrics for protective work clothing. From our heritage nylons to our latest Cordura Combat Wool and Cordura Denim fabric technologies, the Cordura brand is constantly striving to push boundaries in the world of long lasting fabric performance and cater to the growing demand for adaptive lifestyle apparel. The brand also continues to be on the cutting edge of fabric technology, recently introducing its strongest-ever Invista T420HT nylon-6,6 staple fiber.

The combination of the growing demand for technical denim and Cordura brand’s 50th anniversary has led to a landmark year of collaborations with ‘Monsieur-T.’, Artistic Milliners, Cone Denim and more valued partners.

“To us, the future of innovation is collaboration – whether that’s with a leading denim design studio such as ‘Monsieur-T.’ or with our community of textile innovators,” said Cindy McNaull, global Cordura brand and marketing director. “We’re fortunate to be able to work with some of the most forward thinking talent in the industry in the pursuit of next-gen design and the fusion of performance technologies shaping the gear and apparel of tomorrow.”

X - Venture Collexion – January 2017

Inspired by icons of the 1960s – like pilots, astronauts, superheroes and more with a modern spin and space age flair - the Cordura + Struktur Studio + Artistic Milliners ‘X Venture Collexion’, features state- of- the art Cordura Denim technologies engineered by Artistic Milliners, Pakistan.

“We were proud to be approached by our long-standing partners at the Cordura brand to work on providing next generation denim for their upcoming 50th anniversary celebration,” said Neil Bell, Artistic Milliners’ global manager & director.

The X Venture Collexion’s retro-futuristic range of garments are specifically engineered with the latest Cordura Combat Wool and TENCEL denims, and feature specialist Schoeller ‘coating technologies. The carefully crafted fusion of these high performance technologies brings a modern look to the denim of the future.

To read more please have a look in our printed issue textile network 9-10 2017! (be published on 22th August)

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