12/09/2017 – Nilit Fibres Ltd. — auf Deutsch lesen

Nylon 6.6 with unique sports and textile functions

Whether sports, fashion and functional fabrics – man-made fibers are at the core of all of today’s sport garments, lingerie, hosiery, leisure and work wear.


Sensil is Nilit Fibres’ new premium brand. Sensil Breeze, Sensil Heat, Aquarius and Innergy are some of the brand’s innovative fiber specialties © Parah


With their energizing, cooling, warming or moisture transporting properties, functional fibers made from Nilit Fiber’s special high quality nylon 6.6 deliver measurable results when it comes to performance, comfort, and well being.

The Israeli Company offers a broad portfolio of premium qualities under their new Sensil brand. Sensil Breeze is one of the highlights.

The secret is in polymer and yarn production. Nilit do not finish their fibers and yarns. Instead they integrate mineral micro particles before the fiber is even spun. The micro particles are added to the polymer, which permanently binds them into the spun fiber. While in conventional finishing effects lessen with each wash cycle, Sensil Breeze’s functional properties last as long as the garment will. This is a result the customer can rely on.

Fashion and sports brand partners do not only use Sensil Breeze with its cooling effect, but also Sensil Aquarius featuring excellent moisture management and performance support, and Sensil Heat with its distinctive heat insulating function. The fiber yarns are processed into knitwear (seamless or classic), and also into woven fabrics for sports and leisurewear collections. A wide range of wellness fibers, which many renowned brands use for their fashion, lingerie and hosiery products, complements the portfolio.

The materials do not only convince by their unique properties. They also feature a distinctive, soft, gentle touch, comparable to viscose or soft cotton or even silk.

Sensil Breeze – the cooling fiber

Sensil Breeze’s cooling effect results from the fiber’s flat cross section and the integrated micro particles. They ensure a fast moisture transport to the outside, causing a strong ventilation effect which the wearer feels as a pleasant cooling touch to the skin. The fibers’ cotton-like cross section makes the yarn smooth and supple, bringing great wearing comfort to the garment. The use of matte polymer ensures a soft surface, excellent air permeability and breathability of the fabric. In addition, Sensil Breeze naturally eliminates any unpleasant odors without chemical additives.