16/12/2022 – Sustainable yarn

Pangaia chooses Evo by Fulgar for its Activewear 3.0 collection

Pangaia launches its new generation activewear 3.0 made from bio-based materials and chooses Evo yarn, produced and distributed by Fulgar.


Pangaia’s Activewear 3.0 collection with Evo by Fulgar comprises four key models in three colour versions: in black, leaf green and cerulean blue. © Pangaia


For the launch of its new Activewear 3.0 collection, Materials Science Brand Pangaia has chosen Evo bio-based yarn by Fulgar, a manufacturer of man-made fibres.

“The activewear sector generally uses materials with entirely petro-chemical origins, reflecting a need for significant benefits in moisture absorption and performance. However, the introduction of a greater number of bio-based materials means we’ve been able to replace fossil fuels with renewable resources. This is the choice we’ve made for Pangaia’s Activewear 3.0 collection. Our partnership with Fulgar and the use of Evo yarn has enabled us to create a new generation of sustainable, high-performance activewear”, says Amanda Parkes, Chief innovation officer of The Pangaia.

Yarn from castor oil with nylon properties

Evo by Fulgar yarn is obtained from castor oil, a renewable and sustainable resource. The castor oil plant, in fact, grows sponaneously in arid regions, does not require large amounts of water areas and does not take up land that where food crops can be grown. The biomass from which Evo by Fulgar is formed by castor oil seed and the monomers used in the polymerisation process are partially or totally derived from castor oil.

In all cases the yarn offers the characteristics of the finest quality nylon and is suitable for all textile applications, from sportswear to hosiery, as it is high-performance, very light, stretch and breathable. It dries quickly, is non-iron and boasts natural thermal and bacteriostatic properties.

This extensive series of distinctive values and benefits provide maximum comfort and unique performance while respecting the natural world. As a result they are perfectly in line with Pangaia’s philosophy of “high-tech naturalism” and are the perfect solution for the creation of the new Activewear 3.0 capsule. Made of 99.99% Evo nylon and 30% creora elastan, both of vegetable origin, the capsule is the brand’s most bio-based proposal so far.

Natural peppermint oil used for high comfort

The seamless garments of the Pangaia activewear offer extensive benefits in terms of comfort, stretch and movement. With second skin properties, the garments create a sensation of light compression and enable wearers to keep cool and fresh for longer thanks to the patented PPRMint treatment with natural peppermint oil.

“We’re very happy to be working once again side-by-side with Pangaia in its progress towards increasingly green collections, made possible by the properties of our ecological yarns. It’s a significant recognition of our long-standing commitment to eco-sustainable research and development towards an ethical, circular and increasingly sustainable activewear supply chain”, says Alan Garosi, Head of Marketing at Fulgar.

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