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Sustainable partnership for sustainable fiber

The sustainable fiber solution Lycra with Quira is the result of a unique collaboration with Qore, the manufacturer of Quira, a key component of the new Lycra fiber.


Lycra with Qira will be available in industrial quantities from the beginning of 2025. © The Lycra Company


The bio-derived fiber has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions. © The Lycra Company


This sustainable fiber solution is the result of a unique collaboration with Qore, producer of Quira, a key ingredient of the new Lycra fiber. This collaboration enables the world’s first large-scale commercial production of bio-derived spandex using Quira, the next generation 1,4-butanediol (BDO), as one of its main ingredients. This will result in 70% of the Lycra fiber content being derived from annually renewable feedstock. This change could potentially reduce the carbon footprint of Lycra fiber by up to 44% versus equivalent product made from fossil-based resources, while maintaining the same high-quality performance parameters of traditional Lycra fiber. Qira will be made from annually renewable dent corn at a state-of-the-art facility in Iowa. It will be used to make bio-derived Lycra fiber at scale, with The Lycra Company setting a goal to replace up to 30% of its current annual production with the renewable Qira ingredient.

Production in industrial quantities planned

“Our collaboration with Qore to develop bio-derived Lycra fiber made with Quira is an important part of our sustainability journey,” said Steve Stewart, The Lycra Company´s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer. “We introduced the world’s first commercial bio-derived spandex back in 2014 and now, with Qore as our partner, we’re excited to bring this to market at scale, reducing the carbon emissions of Lycra fiber by up to 44%. This will likewise help our customers lower their carbon footprint.” The Lycra Company announced in May that it has signed a letter of intent with Dairen Chemical Corporation (DCC) to convert Qira—a brand of BDO (1,4-butanediol)—into low-impact PTMEG, the main ingredient in patented bio-derived Lycra fiber. Dairen will be the first company in the world to mass produce this low-impact bio-PTMEG at scale.

“We are excited to collaborate with DCC to bring bio-derived Lycra fiber made with Quira to market and realize our shared vision for a more sustainable value chain,” said Steve Stewart, The Lycra Company´s chief brand and innovation officer. “Given the combination of using bio-derived input from corn, plus conversion at a state-of-the-art Qira BDO facility runs on wind power, and transformation to PTMEG using DCC´s low-impact process, we anticipate the potential for additional reductions as we go into production.”

Familiar quality stays the same

In addition to replacing a finite resource with an annually renewable one, another benefit for mills, brands and retailers is that there is no change in fiber performance, eliminating the need for any re-engineering of fabrics, patterns, or processes. To reinforce this point, test quantities of bio-derived Lycra fiber are currently available, allowing customers to confirm the fiber´s performance properties.

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