10/03/2023 – Variety of embroidery stabilizers — auf Deutsch lesen

The perfect stabilizer for each and every fabric

Embroidery stabilizers are a special feature within the nonwoven technology and serve the stability of the embroidery material during the embroidery process. As a leading supplier of embroidery supplies, the Gunold company from Stockstadt offers more than 20 embroidery stabilizer qualities with its "Stiffy" product brand to meet all requirements.


A cutting fleece is recommended to avoid damaging the embroidery motif by tearing. © Gunold


Embroidery nonwovens are primarily differentiated according to their industrial production process into wet, dry and thermal nonwovens. They are available for tear-off, cutting, iron-on, self-adhesive or even water-soluble. Stephan Gunold, marketing manager at Gunold, explains: "Rather soft and delicate or firm and rough, this is a question of personal preference. We want to offer our customers the best range and leave nothing to be desired. That's why we offer a really wide range of embroidery stabilizer."

Different properties depend on the staple length, the blending ratio and the processing direction of the fibers used. The most common fibers for embroidery stabilizers are rayon, viscose or polyester. Depending on the processing - pure, as a blend and with different binders - a wide variety of nonwoven results can be achieved. Gunold's product range could soon be supplemented by sustainable embroidery nonwoven variants made from plant fibers (e.g. coconut, pineapple, cotton) as well as recycled polyester fibers, which are currently in the test phase.

Nonwovens with a coating provide better fusing and are therefore particularly suitable for use with stretchy textiles. For non-stretch materials, a less expensive nonwoven without coating can be used. The thickness of the fleece must also be customized to the fabric to be embroidered. The rule of thumb here is: thin fabric, thin fleece - thick fabric, thick fleece. In addition, care should be taken to use white stabilizer for light-colored fabrics and black for dark-colored fabrics to prevent shining-through when worn. Finally, the embroidery design itself should also be taken into account when selecting the stabilizer: For fine embroideries, a cutting stabilizer is recommended to avoid damaging the embroidery by tearing. For larger, more open embroidery designs, tear-away stabilizers are suitable, which can be torn away after embroidering quickly and easily.

All these requirements and possibilities result in the diversity of Gunold's embroidery stabilizer range. All "Stiffy" embroidery stabilizers are manufactured in Europe according to DIN ISO 14001, are vegan (except for one quality) and manufactured according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.