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Yarn trading and yarn finishing

TVU Garnvertrieb GmbH trades approximately 10,000 tons of yarn (raw white and dyed) each year and has a comprehensive global supply and distribution network.


TVU develops processes for dyeing high-performance fibers. © TVU


As an owner-managed family business, TVU Textilveredlungsunion GmbH is one of the largest yarn dyeing and finishing mills in Europe, well-known for exemplary sustainable production. With a daily capacity of 20 tons, nearly all types of staple fibre and filament yarns (flat and texturized) can be dyed on almost all kinds of bobbins and cone make-up. The service portfolio also comprises the finishing of high-performance fibre yarns, such as aramid or modacrylic and other flame-resistant and high-tenacity fibres, as well as recyclable and compostable yarns in line with circular economy.

The main customers of the company are renowned weaving mills, knitters and manufacturers of technical and medical textiles. Customers are supplied from a continuous stock of approx. 3,500 tons and, as a matter of course, direct container business is possible too.

The TVU group is able to quickly adapt to individual customer requirements. Since yarn trading and yarn finishing are consolidated under one roof, TVU can put together customized overall packages, starting from raw yarn to dyeing, finishing and preparation. TVU is an important partner in a textile network of partner companies, technical institutes and universities.

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