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Heimtex: Using synergies – building strengths

On 27 and 28 November 2014, the Association of the German Home Textiles Industry e.V. (Heimtex) invited its members to its annual conference in Berlin. The venue was chosen very deliberately – the headquarters of The Textile + Fashion Confederation. In close cooperation with The Textile + Fashion Confederation, and even in the same office space, Heimtex is aiming to develop its strengths and, through collaboration, to use its synergies in a range of different areas.

The broadening of their skillset and the direct cooperation with The Textile + Fashion Confederation on a political level should give Heimtex a much greater relevance. “We operate in an industry that is constantly exposed to major change. The industry reacts to these upheavals with new products, new markets or new sales concepts,” explained Association Chairman Johannes Schulte.

“This flexibility is required of us, or rather, we require this flexibility of ourselves because we are still in a position to determine our own path. Our vision is that textiles producers, regardless of sector, should have access to comprehensive, cross-organisational consultation in the mid to long term. In cooperation with The Textile + Fashion Confederation, our association is assuming a forward-thinking and leading role in this regard.”

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