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27/03/2017 – Spengler & Fürst — auf Deutsch lesen

Hightech textile system destroys killer germs

An innovative textile known as “bacteria EX”, can check the spread of methicillin-resistant (MRSA) and other life-threatening bacteria in hospitals and care homes.


(Photo: Spengler & Fürst)


Managing Director Eckhard Bräuninger showing the “bacteria EX” system textile at the production facility of textiles manufacturer Spengler & Fürst, Crimmitschau (Photo: W. Schmidt)


An innovative textile known as “bacteria EX” from the German textiles manufacturer Spengler & Fürst, based in Crimmitschau, can check the spread of methicillin-resistant (MRSA) and other life-threatening bacteria in hospitals and care homes. Laboratory trials have revealed that the high-tech textile system that contains silver is capable of destroying all-known strains of MRSA within the shortest of time frames. The first large-scale trials are currently in the pipeline.

 “Trials for ‘bacteria EX’ are being prepared at the University Hospital in Dresden and the Elbland Hospital in Meißen and will last for several months,” says Managing Director Eckhard Bräuninger. The spread of bacteria can be aided, among others, by bed linen, patients’ linen, staff uniforms, towels and curtains. Although the textiles are disinfected during the wash cycle, they are often recontaminated as soon as they are used again. The linen and clothing made from the new textiles made in Crimmitschau can be laundered industrially, whilst preserving their bacteria-killing properties throughout their service life. For the textile to function properly, a closed system encompassing the weaving, making up, clinical application and certified laundering, needs to be in place. Partner Brändl Textil, based in Geyer in the Ore Mountains, has been charged with making up the textiles and distributing the “bacteria EX” textile system.

Spengler & Fürst at Techtextil 2017

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