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Huesker: New production site in Dülmen

Außenansicht Photos: Huesker

Außenansicht Photos: Huesker




Growth at the new production site: The Huesker Group opened a production hall near its company headquarters in Gescher in the region of Münster and invests 5 million euros in the site.

With a production area of 7,500 m² the leading manufacturer of geosynthetics, industrial and agricultural textiles has pooled its activities by utilising special innovative machines in Dülmen.

Huesker is focusing on a new type of machine designed for the production of ultra-large textile geometric shapes. As a result of growth over the past few years the company has reached maximum capacity at its headquarters.

At the official opening of the new site in the middle of last year Dr.-Ing. F.-Hans Grandin, Managing Director of the Huesker Group, confirmed that “With this investment we are laying the foundation of sustainable business development”.

The new manufacturing facilities fulfil the requirements of a modern and sustainable production site. With the new machines individual customer needs can be met, even up to batch size 1. These machines have been designed specifically to fulfil the requirements of Huesker production facilities.

The heart of the plant is a machine which manufactures ultra-large tubes, tarpaulin and other geometric shapes. The machine deposits the textile panels and connects them at the appropriate speed by sewing, welding or sealing them together.

“With this special technology we guarantee automated manufacturing of mainly ultra-large textiles and ensure that they are quickly available to our customers”, states Mr Heinz-Georg Richels, Technical Manager of the Huesker Group. In addition to the business areas Industry and Agriculture, Huesker also manufactures products in the new hall for the business areas Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Engineering. For example, at the new site the company manufactures SoilTain, a geotextile containment system for dewatering different types of sludge.

With office space of a further 950 m² the entire sales team for the business areas Industry and Agriculture are located in the two-storey office building right next to the production facilities. Mr Richels goes on to say “This is how we are strengthening the link between customer requirements and production technology”.

Production facilities have already been in operation since April. The company has invested 5 million euros in the new manufacturing plant. The site in Dülmen already accounts for a quarter of the Group’s volume of sales and in 2014 Huesker generated total sales amounting to over 130 million euros.

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