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ITMA 2015: The Highlights by Orizio

Founded in 1957 the Orizio company celebrates this Itma its 58 years in which know-how and the strength of tradition are combined with a discerning eye for new trends. Read more about the Orizio knits Innovation at ITMA 2015 Milan here:

Orizio Sinkerless Machine (Photos: Orizio)

Orizio Sinkerless Machine (Photos: Orizio)


A wide range of circular knitting machines will be displayed during the show starting from high performance single and double jersey machines up to electronic models and a new special machine for high pile and special fabrics for outwear. Significant are the Orizio efforts in sustainability, the company aim to reduce consumption and useless wastes of materials now become a fundamental principle. The concept of high-level engineering products at achievable prices has highlighted the increasing range of new models.

Sinkerless technology from 20 to 80 gauge with 90 feeds on 30” diameter (24” – 42”). The development of single jersey sinkerless machines has made of the Orizio sinkerless a simple and perfectly reliable knitting machine able to knit impressive top quality fabrics. Introduced this year JFP model produces high quality jersey and jersey with lycra for sinkerless stitch structure fabrics. Equipped with the performing Orizio LC open frame with electric cutter, pneumatic roll expulsion and a brand new control system with touch screen, the JFP is a feather in Orizio’s cap.

New mechanical developments that save wear and tear of needles also help the decrease of energy consumption.

High pile technology

Impalpable and wafer-thin or voluminous, faux fur has always featured in the collections of fashion maisons, but it has never been as fresh as today thanks to an unexpected level of innovation in its processing and production. Today faux fur is stimulating the creativity of designers that care of sustainability and ecology.

The new Orizio PLE machine version is an electronic single jersey machine for the production of top quality high pile fabrics, with multiple colours high dimension patterns. Available in 24 inches diameter with 18 feeders or 38 inches diameter with 24 feeders. Gauges are 10, 12, 14 and and 16 Npi in each instance. Available in standard configuration of 2 way technique (predisposed for conversion to 4 way technique). PLE machine is capable of up to 6 colour reversible jacquards, with one side incorporating the jacquard as pile fabric. Piqué, fleece and honeycomb on the ground structure are other possibilities with double sided fabric that includes jacquard pile on the other side.

It is a massive advantage of Orizio high pile silver knitting machines that they are called upon to serve a wide variety of needs, both functional and aesthetic of such an exceptionally diverse range of end-uses. This is a good chance for the Orizio customers to stimulate many new and different markets.

Electronic jacquard and striper on fleece

A revolutionary jacquard machine with electronic needles selection with 3 colours electronic stripers on loop and/or ground yarn will be presented at the show.

The new Orizio model MJF/BE machine model available from 30” to 34” diameter, 18 to 28 gauge, can knit a perfect jacquard striped invisible fleece fabric, Orizio is looking forward to show this brand new model to the customers.

Waiting for itma 2015

Founded in 1957 the Orizio company celebrates this Itma its 58 years in which know-how and the strength of tradition are combined with a discerning eye for new trends.

The machines displayed during the show by the Orizio group will be seven, Hall 5, stand H115-116.