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ITMA 2015 – Weko: Non-contact application

Photo: Weitmann & Konrad

Photo: Weitmann & Konrad


Weko, Weitmann& Konrad from the South of Germany has been the acknowledged partner for achieving specific functions on a wide variety of materials for over 60 years. Weko the innovative non-contact Weko-Fluid-Application-System (WFA) and provides practical information about economic and sustained solutions giving nonwoven and textile materials specific properties.

For nonwovens a variety of applications exists: PP geotextiles or diaper top sheets that are basically water-repellent and become permeable for water, diapers become absorbent, medical cloth become antimicrobial and automotive filters dirt-repellent. Textiles can be optimally finished with hydrophilic/hydrophobic or oleophilic/oleophobic finishers, softeners, flame retardants as well as antimicrobial agents to provide the desired characteristics.

With the non-contact minimal application the product web is handled with extreme care since this treatment does not apply any mechanical stress on the fabrics by squeezing between rollers. At the same time the liquid remains clean and must not be exchanged due to pollutions. The system is so exact that only the required amount of liquid is applied and an enormous saving of chemistry and drying energy can be achieved.

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[ITMA 2015, hall 6 booth E104]