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Interspare presents modified Krantz Syncro shrink dryer at the ITMA

At the ITMA 2015 in Milan, the German company Interspare Textilmaschinen will be presenting the most recent developments and innovations in its Krantz and Artos product lines for the high-quality finishing of woven and knitted fabrics. The main exhibit on display will be the latest version of the legendary Krantz Syncro shrink dryer.

The modified Interspare Krantz Syncro
(Photo: Interspare)

The modified Interspare Krantz Syncro (Photo: Interspare)


Interspare (hall 6 / booth F109) is very much looking forward to the ITMA 2015 and, with its comprehensive range of high-quality finishing machines made in Germany, hopes to build on the past success of the textile machines produced by Babcock and Krantz. The company, which for many years has been internationally renowned for supplying high-quality German made spare parts, will be demonstrating, above all, its expertise in the manufacture of firstclass textile machines.

“The production of Krantz and Artos machines will continue as before,” says Managing Director Dirk Polchow. “That is our most important message to fabric finishing companies throughout the world who have come to value the exceptional quality and reliability of these machines. Since the last ITMA in Barcelona, we have invested a considerable amount of effort and money in the construction of a modern production hall, in order to provide a sound basis for the manufacture of our machines in Germany. We now not only want to show that we have become a manufacturer of textile machinery, but also that in numerous fields of the textile industry we are able to offer cutting-edge technology in the form of our further enhanced Krantz and Artos machines. As a showcase for our industry, the ITMA 2015 in Milan is precisely the right platform for this purpose,” adds Polchow.

Current machinery range

The current machinery range of Interspare Textilmaschinen includes the Krantz Syncro shrink dryer (ITMA exhibit) and the Krantz K30 stenter, both belonging to the Krantz product line. In the Artos product line, Interspare Textilmaschinen offers the Artos Unistar stenter, the Artos Vari-Flex dyeing padder and the Artos Uni-Flex impregnation padder. The exhibited Interspare Krantz Syncro is – as further development of the Haas Aerovar shrink dryer – an excellent example for German engineering creations. Its unbeatable performance can be admired especially during the drying of knitted fabrics in tubular or open width form up to all fabric weights. Also in drying of woven fabrics outstanding results will be achieved. Without problems it is possible to drive with one or more slim or wide fabric layers side by side. Additionally processes such as drying, shrinking, intermediate drying or drying for formation of fabric can be proceeded here on only one production line.

The shrink dryer allows long reaction times and high overfeeds up to 200 % on the screen belt. This causes a slowly and gentle drying with an optimal stress relieving in the fabric. The drying can be regulated exactly for each special requirement of the fabric because of different selection possibilities of many parameters. Interspare will present a two-compartments-Syncro on the ITMA booth and is looking forward to show all the technical advantages to the visitors and to demonstrate what makes the Krantz Syncro the best shrink dryer in the world. Highest fabric qualities will be achieved very economically by controlled shrinkage, development of volume and improvement of the grip. In the center of the presentation will be the single, best-in-class processes, the patents and overall construction of the dryer as well as the efficient and sustainable production. And there will be new features and modifications to discover.

The stenter frame Interspare Krantz K30 persuades both by the outstanding quality of its components and by the numerous patented construction, which lead to excellent quality results of the fabrics. Special characteristics are the low-tension guiding of the fabric, the safe pinning-on, the smooth fabric transport and long lifespan, the patented air guiding, where the fresh air is got centralized in the dryer via an entry slot and is guided in parallel flow with the fabric through the dryer, the optimal temperature distribution with the help of the unique convey-air nozzle system, the regulated, reproducible air distribution as well as the consequent maximal moisture in the air circulation and the minimal waste during cutting of the selvedges. All this features make the Krantz K30 a stenter frame which achieves highest requirements. The Interspare Artos Uni-Star stenter frame is the top choice among textile finishers around the world due to its high efficiency. Its unbeatable advantage is that it efficiently distributes air across the entire width of the fabric. This achieves a perfectly even product quality with optimal preparation for the subsequent manufacturing processes. The lubricationfree product conveyor chain prevents oil splatters on the material web, and the chain paths require no lubrication. This eliminates wear parts along the chain components. Of course the Artos Uni-Star is sustainable and energy-efficient. Through the patented Econ-Air energy saving system, used and heated air is optimal utilized, therefore energy can bei effectively saved and production costs reduced. In addition, the patented Star-Jet nozzle system ensures by an optimal distribution of the temperature the highest quality of the goods.

The Interspare Artos Vari-Flex padder is a very flexible and powerful dyeing padder which has been constructed especially for great utilization amplitudes in dyeing of woven and knitted goods. Its outstanding flexibility is based on a perfected pneumatic system which allows numerous setting possibilities concerning the application of the liquor. Furthermore it guarantees highest equability of the application and can correct potential errors out of the pre-treatment. The Vari-Flex padder can be integrated in stenter frame combinations in dyeing processes, Thermosol- and/or Pad Steam dyeing aggregates as well as in CPB machines without problems.

The Interspare Artos Uni-Flex padder is especially for requirements of impregnation developed and stands since decades for outstanding results for knitted, woven and nonwoven fabrics. The main idea of the Uni-Flex padder is to secure the optimal consumption of the chemicals and the best impregnation results via a well-engineered machine construction. More advantages are the easy handling and maintenance which additionally speed up the switchover of impregnation processes and reduce the costs.

Modification of existing installations

Textile companies using Artos (Babcock, Famatex), Krantz and Stentex branded finishing machines for their production have an excellent opportunity at ITMA 2015 of being updated on innovative modifications to their installations. A consequence of a modification may be for example improved energy efficiency. Not only is greater economy attained but also an improved ecological performance - very important for sustainability strategies by textile producers and the satisfaction of the demands of larger brands and retailers. Other modifications include for example the extension of the machine for enlarging production capacity. Additional center panels lead to a sustainable increase in production capacity e.g. with the Babco-Star stenter frame with a constantly high level of quality.

Alternatively, supplementary component sets increase flexibility and economic efficiency. Interspare has all the technical drawings of the machines available and is subsequently able to submit constructive and well-informed proposals. Updating can also prove economically advisable. This can be achieved by converting from S5 to S7 controls or replacing a PIV transmission with individual drives. Equally interesting are conversions enabling installations to be adjusted to changed specifications. Examples of these are conversions of heaters from oil circulation systems to gas heating or exchanging lubricated tension chains for modern lubrication-free chain systems. More extensive alterations such as the conversion of stenter frames for woven goods for the use of knitted fabrics are also possible.

The basis of all the modifications remains the fact that the robust and long-lasting construction of Interspare machines ensures a long life span of the whole installation which in turn can be extended by the modification of certain components and improved technical function. As costs of servicing fall and productivity rises modifications of existing machines from finishing equipment specialists worldwide are in great in demand due to their high level of economic effectiveness. There is a 5-digit number of existing systems from the Artos, Babcock Krantz, Stentex, Hacoba, Müller und Famatex product lines at textile companies in 116 countries. A lot of these systems, installed by Artos, Krantz, Deutsche Babcock Textilmaschinen and Moenus over the past 50 years, are still used for drying and finishing textiles. Based on a growing need for productivity as well as sustainability, managing director Polchow sees a greatly increasing demand for new systems and upgrades in the near future.

He says: “Firstly, we consider how long Krantz and Artos systems can be used in production as an absolute mark of quality. But it’s also clear that our modern systems once again offer a significant technological improvement, even if development here is not as spectacular as in cars. But things don’t always have to be new. Oftentimes an upgrade will suffice to implement 40 years of technological advances in less than 4 weeks whilst satisfying maximum standards in textiles.”

ITMA motto sustainability

Concerning the ITMA motto „Master the art of sustainable innovation“ Interspare sees its range of machines on a very high level. Already in their basic construction all machines are designed to use energy in a very efficient way and therefore save a lot of energy. One example is the patented Econ-Air energy saving system which routes the used air targetoriented through the stenter frame and with only one central exhaust fan a lot of energy can be saved. Up to 15-20% of energy costs compared to conventional processes may be saved with this airflow. Polchow on this: “Sustainability has always been an important issue at Interspare. Our modern machines contribute to sustainability because they save energy or ensure a reduced energy use related to productivity. As a member of the VDMA blue competence initiative we are in a permanent dialog how to make our machines even more efficient. And even within our company we feel obliged to do more for sustainability. In the economic sense this means being a sustainably good partner to our employees, customers and suppliers. With respect to environmental protection we save energy with a company headquarters built as a passive house, and utilise the roof of our pre assembly hall to generate solar power.“

Interspare exhibits at hall 6 / booth F 109 and welcomes any visitor.

About Interspare

Interspare GmbH was founded in 1994 in Hamburg by Mr. Carsten Kalek and Mr. Dirk Polchow. The gentlemen lead the company as managing partners. In the first years Interspare very successfully provides spare parts for textile machines, especially for textile finishing machines. Since taking over the machine program with all rights, patents, licenses and technical documentation as well as senior employees and know-how from Moenus Textilmaschinen GmbH in 2007 and the building of the new production hall in 2011 Interspare is a well reputed textile machine manufacturer and the legitimate successor of Artos respectively Babcock Textilmaschinen (BTM), Famatex, Krantz, Stentex, Hacoba and Müller. Today Interspare offers excellent solutions regarding new machinery for the Artos and Krantz product ranges. With an experienced and well motivated team Interspare provides first class service. The company owns a modern production facility and the production area is currently adjusted by app. 5.000 sqm in order to fulfil the increasing demand. In addition Interspare has a strong focus on R&D and can offer innovative extensions, modernisation, conversion, modifications and upgradings of existing installations. Moreover, Interspare is still the leading provider of original spare parts for the machinery of the brands of Artos, Krantz, Stentex, Haas, Famatex, BTM, Franz Müller, Hacoba and Textima.