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Invista: Even more Living Lights

Invista has extended its range of available yarns with the Living Lights Technology within the Lycra brand to include new titres designed for the tops of tights, stockings, knee-highs and ankle socks.

Photo: Invista

Photo: Invista


The yarns now also come in the thicknesses 156 dtex, 195 dtex and 235 dtex. Combined with the existing thicknesses, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20 and 22 dtex, the new arrivals help provide an extensive range of yarns with the Living Lights Technology, covering the main needs of the hosiery industry.

The patented Living Lights Technology improves the colour saturation of Lycra, thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of legwear. The technology is offered as Lycra T16LL for direct processing and as Lycra T17LL for covered applications. The Lycra types T26LL and T26LS are designed for direct processing into hosiery tops. Samples are available.

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