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JIAM 2016 OSAKA: Interesting framework programm

“JIAM 2016 OSAKA”, organized by Japan Sewing Machinery Manufactures Association (JASMA), will be held 6 (Wed) -9 (Sat) April, 2016 at INTEX OSAKA. Under the theme of “Innovative Solutions and Advanced Processing Technologies”, the 11th edition will run as Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show to offer wider business solutions.

The JIAM 2016 will be held in Osaka, Japan (Photos: adpic)

The JIAM 2016 will be held in Osaka, Japan (Photos: adpic)

19.02.2016: JIAM 2016 OSAKA: Interesting framework programm

The show welcomes 204 exhibitors. The number of first time exhibitor reached 59 (31 domestic, 28 overseas) and the total exhibition size has grown by 25.4%. Amongst JASMA, the show has seen a significant growth by 28.9% in addition to a 23.3% increase in the booth size amongst overseas exhibitors. This demonstrates a growing interest in the sewing machinery and its related equipment’s manufacturers from all over the world.

The show will welcome overseas exhibitors from 13 countries /regions. Together with first-time exhibitor from Bangladesh, many companies and organization from countries including China, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Italy, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and U.S.A are joining.

With a large-scale comeback, German pavilion anchored by VDMA Garment and Leather Technology will showcase the latest high-tech products. Among the Asian nations, China and Taiwan are gathering various leading companies respectively to join the show as a pavilion. Not only the exhibitors but quality buyers from all parts of the world centering Asia, are counting on JIAM 2016 OSAKA. The show will again become an international business platform and an indispensable destination.

“Print & Fashion"

A new “Print & Fashion” zone will featuring printing, design software, embroidery printer and fashion at Hall 2. Over 30 companies are joining including new exhibitors. While digitalization in the fashion industry is becoming essential, this zone will contribute to offering multiple solutions through good synergy with the latest sewing technology and by responding to the needs for customization.

Exclusive Seminars and the Special Theme Zones

During the show, there will be various highlight events such as seminars and special exhibitions in the theme zone set at Zone B of Hall 5, introducing the latest textile processing technologies and trends.

Growth strategy for the manufacturing industry using robots and IoT as the key solution (Tentative)

Mr. Kiyoshi Sawaki, Director of Industrial Machinery Division Manufacturing Industrial Bureau in The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will be holding the seminar to present the status of the “Robot Revolution Initiative”, which is full of ideas to overcome the challenges in the industry.

The future vision of apparel manufacturing industry - When Quality meets Innovation

Led by Mr. Kai-Markus Zahn, CEO (Partner) of Z&Z Consulting, expert in the international manufacturing industry, this session will introduce case studies in the apparel and machinery manufacturing in addition to updates regarding ‘Industry 4.0’ in the European sewing industry, both in connection with the latest movements in the international manufacturing business. Moreover, new business models that align with the Japanese production system will be presented.

Latest market trends of the sewing industry in Ethiopia and other east African countries

Subsidized by the Japanese government, JASMA has been conducting a research on economic /market trends in Ethiopia and Tanzania where Japanese sewing machinery manufacturers could be their potential client /partner. Results will be presented by Mr. Kazunori Sakae, Specialist at JASMA. This must not be a missed opportunity for visitors to learn the latest market movements in East Africa where the great potential for textile industry has been discovered.

Skills training seminar

The innovative way of making clothes taught by a "Contemporary Master Craftsman" - Proposing the use of gluing and welding technologies - Welcoming Mr. Susumu Inarida, a specially-appointed committee member in the Japan Modelist Association, who has been selected as one of the 150 appointees of Contemporary Master Craftsman selected by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, will demonstrate ways to make clothes by using weld bond and tapes within an hour, and show how to make use of welding techniques.

Made-in-Japan products on which major department stores are working

Major department stores are strengthening their ties with local production areas in Japan under the influence of yen depreciation and consumer’s polarization. ‘Made in Japan’ will be focused on in terms of department store businesses.

Made “By” JAPAN

Diversification in the Asian sewing technology - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Bangladesh - Our strategy to operate in the most suitable production site

The session will take place again following the success of the previous edition in 2012. Leading textile processing manufacturers will share their latest case studies and analyze the best “China plus one” countries among the ASEAN nations. The coordinator is Mr. Hiroshi Wada, Director / Executive secretary at Asia Apparel Production Network (AAP).

The development of the e-Textile, “Photovoltaic textile” and “RFID-fiber”

This session will be held by Researcher Mr. Takahiro Tsuji and Senior Researcher Mr. Atsuji Masuda at the Industrial Technology Center of FUKUI Prefecture e-Textile research group.

Co-creative garment making for physically impaired persons - Towards Paralympics

On Saturday, April 9 when a large number of public visitors is expected, Mr. Takeshi Kurata from The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Mr. Noriyasu Higuchi, project member of Kakenhi will talk about their activities and present how fashion, technology, social welfare and business are involved in the coming Paralympics.

Advanced textile technology: “Photovoltaic textiles” and “RFID fibers”

This section will showcase items that will have an impact on daily lives such as solar panel embedded textiles and ultra-small string-like IC tag by the Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture, Sphelar Power Corporation, Urase. Co., Ltd., and Matsubun Textile Co., Ltd.

 Promotion of future fashion 4.0

This is an upgraded version of “the Age of Digital Fashion at the Advanced Technology and Information Transmission Corner” in the Special Theme Zone at the previous JIAM 2012. Here you will see Japan’s excellent raw materials, design capability, sewing skills, ability to create and design trends and the latest sales tools to respond to the purchasing behavior and needs of consumers, and moreover a scene where new innovative streamlined world is realized through the combination of each of the above and digital technology.

Home Sewing Zone and the Event Stage

“Home Sewing Zone”, a B to C zone featuring sewing machines and related accessories for home usage, will be installed in Hall 2. Themed “The enjoyment of creating and pleasure of sharing - a new style of home sewing -”, this zone will be a platform to provide suggestions on how to enjoy making items using home sewing machines. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of workshops organized by major manufacturers.

Various seminars, talk shows and fashion events will take place at the event stage in Hall 2. On the last day, April 9, a renowned fashion designer Mr. Yu Amatsu from A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT Hanae Mori manuscript and Ms. Olga from Etw.Vonneguet will hold a session titled “Talk show by digital fashion creators: Future of the textile industry”, discussing the perspectives of the fashion industry in terms of digitalization. The moderator is a well-known IT journalist Mr. Nobuyuki Hayashi and the session is expected to be a must-attend event. Another highlight will be the talk session held by a popular quilter, Ms. Kathy Nakajima and her son who is also a crafter, Mr. Yosuke Katsuno. Ms. Nakajima has a lot of followers in her field and Mr. Katsuno has just come back from his overseas studies in crafting from Paris and now builds a career as a couturier.

In addition, there will be a student fashion designer competition titled “OSAKA MODE GAKUEN ORIGINAL BRAND EXHIBITION SPRING AND SUMMER COLLECTION”, with a sub-theme of “innovative solutions” launched by Osaka Mode Gakuen. At this event, the students will demonstrate their works in a fashion run-way style. The prize will be awarded to the work which has the potential to be commercialized. In cooperation with the students, visitors can try out hair arrangements, make-ups, nail-polishing and other activities organized by them.