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Launch of three new fabrics

Carrington Textiles continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation in workwear and will launch innovative new fabrics at Techtextil.


Varese is a midweight fabric and the first to feature Tencel in its construction. © Carrington Textiles


Designed with worker comfort and wellbeing in mind, Carrington will be exhibiting Xtraflex SL with 37.5 Technology, Molveno and Varese – the latter being an eco-friendly addition to Carrington’s popular EOL Stretch Collection.

For a natural way to keep cool – or warm

Xtraflex SL with 37.5 Technology is a thermoregulation fabric that helps keeps the body’s core temperature at its optimum 37.5 degrees. This innovative fabric has been achieved through embedding active particles derived from volcanic sand into the fiber – these particles use the infrared energy emitted from the body to evaporate moisture if the wearer is hot or radiate warmth back if the wearer is cold. This is a permanent technology that will never wash out or degrade.

A polyester blend with Lycra and Coolmax technology, Molveno offers high-quality abrasion resistance and an optimum 4-way stretch so that the material flexes and bends with worker’s movements. Complete with moisture management properties, it is ideal for use in trousers and jackets for those carrying out manually intensive tasks.

The latest addition to Carrington’s EOL Stretch Range, Varese is a midweight fabric and the first to feature Tencel in its construction. In a closed loop production process, Tencel transforms wood pulp into cellulosic fibres with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. A key benefit of this is that the solvent-spinning process recycles process water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99 percent.

Research & Development Manager, Kirsty Kirk:

“At Carrington, we are constantly exploring new ways to revolutionise what has come before. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to strive towards a product that is sustainable, as well as comfortable, fashionable and durable – there’s no longer a need to compromise.”

Varese also utilises a second generation XLA fibre solution for permanent EOL stretch, giving the wearer ease of movement and a greater level of comfort as the body’s natural movement is supported. Garments can flex without putting strain on their construction, meaning they last longer, thus reducing textile waste. Even after repeated industrial laundering, Varese ensures that garments retain their original shape, appearance and vitality.

About Carrington

One of Europe’s largest workwear suppliers, Carrington supports many of the world’s largest employers – spanning sectors from heavy industry to health.

Formed in Lancashire, UK, in 1891, the company continues to lead the industry in personal protective equipment. Carrington’s current product range meets demand across four main areas: general workwear, flame retardants, waterproofing and the defence sector.

Its product range includes fabrics that protect workers against: static electricity, sparks, electric arc, chemical splash, acid solutions, heat, cold, poor visibility, bacteria, mosquitos, water and much more.

Operating in 81 countries worldwide, customers include: McDonalds, Bupa, Tata Steel, Shell, Coca Cola, Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, BP, Arcelor Mittal.

Carrington at the Techtextil

Hall 4.1, Stand D 17