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01/03/2016 — auf Deutsch lesen

Lowa: New sock brand Eightsox

The new socks by Lowa are protecting the ankles Photo: Lowa

The new socks by Lowa are protecting the ankles Photo: Lowa


Eightsox is the new independent brand for functional socks from Lowa. The newly developed socks are produced in the European knitting stronghold of northern Italy. Lowa, headquartered in Jetzendorf, Germany, has been making shoes for over 90 years and is channelling its expertise into socks as well. The new label revolves around sophisticated functionalities for a variety of different sports, with many models also suited to all-round sports use.

The comprehensive sock programme covers the areas of trekking, running and biking. This autumn, the collection will be joined by socks for skiing and winter sports. To protect the ankle, an “8 Support Bandage” forms an integral part of almost all Eightsox models. The Eight simultaneously doubles up as padding for the ankle and heel, also providing good breathability. Depending on the application and target group, Eightsox uses these constructions for high-quality sports socks with a left/right footbed.